12 Simple Ways to Get More Roofing Leads Without Wasting Your Marketing Dollars

Generating qualifies leads is one of the major challenges for any roofing business owner. It’s just like throwing things against the wall constantly to see what works. As a roofer, you must know how difficult it is to make your place in a cutthroat industry. Without spending time and effort there is no chance that you will succeed in it.

If you have owned a chandler roofing company, then you must be aware of the competition there. Many years back roofing business was considered as risk-free business. But as time passes it became more like a competitive business. This is because the towns were small at that time, there were only a few roofing companies in each one of them. but now as the population grows, roofing business companies are in huge numbers.

  • Growing in a competitive environment 

If you ever get a chance to look at a more successful roofing company then, you will notice one thing about them. They will always thrive in a competitive environment. Competition is never an obstacle for them. they always view it as an opportunity to grow themselves and outshine among others.

Getting more leads and nurturing customer relationships is very essential, as more and more roofers compete for local market share. We will give you the 12 most simple ways to get more roofing leads as roofing companies in chandler az. And don’t worry! we won’t let you waste your marketing dollars.

Old-school offline methods to get more leads

Who says that offline methods cannot be useful anymore? Although none of the methods can defeat internet marketing today. But there is a lot that old-school marketing methods offer.

This is useful particularly for roofing marketing and small businesses.

These offline marketing methods will make use of various media channels. These medial channels will be outside the internet. It will help in raising awareness about your roofing services and products among potential customers.

Here are 6 old-school offline marketing ideas that will help you in generating roofing leads:

1. Advertising roofing company outdoor

Keeping the advertising simple yet elegant is an art. If you succeed in getting this art right then you don’t have to spend a lot of money on billboard advertising. Of course, for doing the huge billboard advertising you need to break your break account.

Using good and simple graphics can make this advertising more attractive. Try to make it a professional-looking advertisement, so any customer who passes by it will always remember the name of your roofing company whenever they need the services. This method doesn’t need a lot of investment.

2. Arrange local seminars and free dinner

Hosting someone with the best hospitality never gets out of fashion. It will imprint your brand on people’s minds. Invite some of the top commercial roofing prospects for a free dinner.

Impress them with your hosting skills and try to talk about your roofing business too, but not too much.

If you intend to gather more community then arranging seminars is also a good option for offline marketing. The seminar could be of any type, even you can organize an educational based seminar. Or host a business networking group workshop.

3. Canvassing 

One of the most popular offline methods for roof leads generating is, door knocking or you can call it canvassing. Suppose a storm recently hits the area, so you now it time for you to offer people your services. Have face-to-face meetings with them, knock on their door, and talk to them.

4. Direct mail

Direct mail is one of the old school methods that are still effective. It will still give you qualified roofing leads. Using postcards and leaflets can grab the attention of your targeted customers very easily. You can contact a professional graphic designer for this.

Featuring images on these postcards and flyers can help you the customer to have a better visual image of your services. You can also display your best-completed projects to gain their trust in your services.

5. Partnerships

Organize a meeting with some of the strategic partners in your area. If you own one of the chandler roofing company, then it will be very easy to find such partners. One more thing that you can do, is to join numerous contractor alliance groups in your local area. This will help you in improving and promoting your business image and bring new clients.

6. Trade shows

With the help of trade shows you can get new leads, develop partnerships, and create awareness about your business. You can give handouts to every person visiting your booth.

They will consider it valuable in most cases.

Online marketing strategies to get more leads

Having an online presence is a vital part of today’s marketing world. No doubt that offline marketing strategies work a lot. But if you want to grow your business faster and beyond the local areas then here are 6 online marketing strategies that will help you in generating leads.

1. Functional roofing website

Without having a good digital presence on the internet, you can never generate leads for your roofing business. It is more convenient for the majority of the clients to just visit your business website.

Build a user-friendly site for your customers to display the services that your roofing company offers and business information. You don’t have to go for a fancy website, just make a simple easy-to-use site with good content and graphic sense.

You can make leads through this site by adding the following things

  • Contact information
  • Company logo
  • Eye-catching images
  • Your roofing company reviews
  • Trust indicators
  • Responsive web pages

2. Create targeted landing pages

Creating the best landing pages will help you in improving the online image of your website whenever a potential customer visits it for the first time. it will send more prospects to your business. Give the desired impact by directing the customer to the correct landing page through ads.

3. Search engine optimization 

Make your roofing website on the top page of search engines. Create engaging, creative, and optimized content for your site. Use correct keywords, this will help in improving the SEO of your roofing site and thus creating more leads.

4. Pay per click (search engine marketing) 

Pay per click is still one of the fastest and easiest ways to start generating roofing business leads. if you have set up the campaign correctly, then you might see the lead results in just one or two weeks.

Using pay per click marketing idea, you can generate leads for both the residential and commercial areas.

5. Generating roofing leads through Facebook ads

If you have roofing companies in chandler az, then you can generate Facebook ads for your local people. This is a cost-effective way to earn more leads from your local area customers. But to create a correct impact as a chandler roofing company, you have to apply the right strategy.

Maybe if you target only local area customers for the start period then it will work more efficiently. Or you can also target some neighborhood areas.

6. Online reviews and testimonials 

Building trust with your new clients is very essential. Meanwhile making the old customer fell that their opinion matters can help you retain them in the future. Client reviews about your services can grab the new client’s attention.

Request your happy clients to give reviews/testimonials about your services and company on your site.

These were 12 simple ways to generate more leads for your roofing company. 6 were for offline marketing and 6 for online marketing. You can use any of these or maybe mix them if you want.