15 Beds Made Much Cooler with IKEA Hacks

The standard sleeping set-up was tossed out the window by these intrepid DIYers. These beds are taken from bland to brilliant by a fresh paint job, carefully positioned curtains, and false canopies. Here 15 Beds Made Much Cooler with IKEA Hacks.

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Add a coat of paint.

It is sometimes the simplest DIY that makes the most difference. To make it one of a kind and completely on fashion, this blogger painted her bed frame sage green.

Beds Made Much Cooler with IKEA Hacks

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Hang a curtain.

Price: $179 for a KURA bed

All this blogger did was hang on the bottom of a loft bed a vibrant curtain to turn the simple KURA style of IKEA into the ultimate play spot.

Beds Made Much Cooler with IKEA Hacks

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Use cabinets for kitchens.

A raised bed is the way to go if you want extra room. But finding the right organizer to place your mattress on top is another story. Here, nine sturdy IKEA kitchen cabinets with doors hide personal items.

Beds Made Much Cooler with IKEA Hacks

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Making a whole hideout.

Price: $179 for a KURA bed

Sure, from the start, the KURA loft is fun (what kid doesn’t love a bunk bed?). Yet it officially became the coolest bed of all time as these parents added a tented sleeping area upstairs and a cozy hammock on the bottom of it.

Beds Made Much Cooler with IKEA Hacks

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… Or with a Super Bed!

Price: $179 for a KURA bed

What used to be two IKEA KURA beds is now a superb bed that can fit a whole family of seven (whoa!). For each of their five children (plus themselves) to get quality shut-eye, these parents built comfortable, but separate areas to get quality sleep.

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Try a frame of four-posters.

Price: $199 for a MALM bed

With the inclusion of four beams and a chic piece of white cloth draped on top, this MALM bed frame will receive a sophisticated redesign. Bonus: It’s a fraction of the typical four-poster piece’s worth.

Beds Made Much Cooler with IKEA Hacks

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Build a clubhouse.

Price: $179 for a KURA bed

For playful treehouse-like exteriors, the lofted KURA frames are the perfect construction. Here, on top of the beds, the blue and purple houses rest and conjoin in the center, so that siblings can play together.

Beds Made Much Cooler with IKEA Hacks

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Add footwear.

With the assistance of some felt, wool fabric, and 1,250 staples (no big deal, a dull pine bed frame gets a brand-new look). We really like how the slender wooden legs give it a classic mid-century vibe.

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Check out for storage.

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Recognize the headboard here? Maybe you. Two IKEA MANDAL pieces are on top of each other and are attached to IKEA STOLMEN posts, resulting in a complex installation that is storage-savvy.

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Upholster with prints.

Before, this simple pine bed frame had a super-generic rectangular headboard. Although a tiered shape on top and pink-and-white graphic fabric gives it a brand-new life and is essentially the fantasy of a pre-teen.

Beds Made Much Cooler with IKEA Hacks

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Act on textures.

Price: $299 for a HEMNES bed

Daybeds are perfect for a bedroom that wants to act as both a sleeping area and a hang-out area, which is why you can pick the IKEA HEMNES piece for your daughters’ space and added a feminine headboard that makes it feel unique.

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Mount drawers on drawers,

Price: $179 for a KURA bed

One of the best-known pieces of IKEA furniture is the iconic MALM dresser, but this hack is really a masterpiece. Here, it’s painted blue and a mattress is put on top to include clothing, books, and toys, and plenty of storage in a child’s bed.

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With a slide, go all in.

Price: $179 for a KURA bed

Want the award for the coolest parent of the year? Try this nifty DIY that is a great sleeping set-up for a kid. Three pieces of IKEA furniture are needed (the KURA bed, the TROFAST storage unit, and the BESTA shelf) and a slide, of course.

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Hang a faux canopy.

Price: $25 for a LENDA curtain

Craving an enchanting cheap canopy? With the aid of steel cables, IKEA curtains will give you the anonymity you seek. Just pull them closed and you will feel like you have slipped into a private space.

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Install long, narrow drawers.

The best parts to slip under a bed, providing bonus storage that looks sleek and ordered, are drawers from an IKEA dresser. In order to create a serene vibe, we especially love how this space fits the white drawers with the bedding.

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