5 Signs That You Need Water Damage Restoration Service

There are multiple different signs of water damage that you should beware of. Water damage not only grows to leak, but it can also result in the growth of mold or bacterias, which can grow on any surface; it comes in touch with. Besides this, mold can spread to other areas through the air, and upon getting into contact with moist walls or flooring, it will start to grow into a colony within 24 hours. Not to worry because a 24/7 water damage restoration service can help you as soon as it is detected. Besides this, their trained servicemen can quickly identify such issues with an examination or an infrared sensor.

However, the problem with detecting the signs of water damage is that it is not quickly evident for an unprofessional. Sometimes, it will be prominent (just like when you have a broken water pipe dripping water into your lobby), but on the contrary, it can be more gradual and tricky. Now, how do you know when to call them right away?

The following are five of the signs that might help you know you need a damaged water restoration.

1) Mold Growth

 Whenever moisture gathers in your house, there is the possibility of mold. Showers, for instance, are a perfect hideaway for mold growing in the sealant between the tiling.

This sort of mold growth isn’t a severe problem. But more tricky mold growth, such as in the baseboards of a room or on a wall, can be an indication of water damage.

Once irregularity is locating mold in a basement room with no ventilation, the excess humidity in this room stimulates mold growth even in the areas where there is no water damage at the back of the walls.

If you notice mold in any exceptional place in your residence, especially a room with windows, scrape back the baseboards to examine further. If you notice mold on a windowpane, scrape back the caulk to see how distant the damage departs.

2) Bubbling or Peeling Wall

This is a skin to warped flooring but on your walls. Walls with mist or mold can proceed to bubble and strip. The walls themselves will be sluggish and discolored.

This is a harmful discovery. Abundant moisture in your walls is an evident sign of a water damage trouble in your house. This indicates the walls will no longer be durable and can result in baseboards to crack and paint to be bruised. Water damage occurs on walls; the leak has managed to reside out of sight for a while until level. By the time you can notice the signs, the damage is there.

3) Discoloration

If you discover water tints on the walls or ceiling, you may have a leaky pipe. Differing tones of the wall, carpets, or furniture fabric can also predict extra moisture in the house. Communicate a restoration professional shortly upon detecting these signs to guarantee the problem gets repaired as soon as possible.

4) Musty Odor

The musty odor of mold around your house is a visible sign of water damage in your home. Moldy stinks resemble the odor you get when leaving wet pool towels on the floor too long before tossing them in the washing machine.

When the odor comes from the walls, the room might seem moist like you’re in a basement. Basements always get this smell if too much humidity collects, creating a breeding surface for mold.

You’ll need to wipe out the excess water and mold to get rid of the smell for once and for all.

 5) High Bills

The increment in your monthly water bill might be a sign that something is wrong. Simply, to clear your doubts compare your bills over the past few months if your bill rate is increased intensively.

Drips might be showing up from toilets, or the main water supply. These are the spaces that consume the most water, so they are more feasible to affect your bill’s payment each month.

Possibilities are high that one of these areas might be the cause of the trouble. If you can’t observe a prominent leak, you should call the professionals to analyze further to stop the leak from sprinkling.


As a home gets older, it’s normal for pipes to start leaking or the roof to wear out. Keeping an eye out for future damage puts you in relief that your house is in top condition. Therefore, you should always get an annual checkup from any reliable water damage restoration service.

Water damage restoration is not a severe sign that your home is falling apart. Water damage is universal distress for householders, especially in old homes. For instance, such as rotting of wood, bacteria growth, mold growth, rusting of steel, de-laminating materials such as plywood, and many others.