5 tips from BBQ Master for ‘grilling’ when you don’t have a grill

The lack of a grill between you and the meat should not allow it to stand out with its smoky and burnt taste. As Memorial Day approaches and the smell of burnt hot dogs begins to permeate residential areas, people who do not have a backyard and good grills are considered neglected. How to celebrate summer without ‘grilling’ when you don’t have a grill? Fiery burgers? Smoke ribs? Find below 5 tips from BBQ Master for ‘grilling’.

Executive chef at, a New York BBQ destination Blue Smoke, Jean-Paul Bourgeoisie knows one or two things about meat. While grilling may seem like the best way to cook meat in the summer, there are some solutions for people who want to get that grilled taste without using a real grill. Here are his five tips.

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1. Invest in a quality cast-iron skillet.

The smoke from the -iron skillet grill may not replicate the swag of the grill, giving it some intense flavor. The restaurant uses a lodge grid, which is flat on one side and with grille slits on the other; It is ideal for steaks, hot dogs, and sausages.

“I hope you use your cast-iron to a place you are familiar with,” he said. “It gives you good marks and good caramel, but most importantly, it tastes comparable to that of a charcoal grill. The smoke gives you depth, and the same can be seen as a well-cooked cast-iron grill or pan.”

Another advantage of cast-iron pans? Once heated, they are hot, so cook your food evenly.

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2. Choose meat that works well in the grill pan.

5 tips from BBQ Master for ‘grilling’

Any meat in sausages or casing works well in the pan because the smoke from the grill does not enter the meat anyway – plus, you can quickly get grill marks. His favorite thing to cook in a cast-iron pan is burgers.

The best way to cook “smash” burgers is inside. Cook well in any pan of fewer than 5 ounces, if you are cooking an 8-ounce burger, you will only want to do this on the grill.”

3. Use already smoked ingredients.

To recreate the fried flavor, add already smoked seasoning to give your meat that flavor. Bourgeois uses chipotle Tabasco in marinades, or he’ll mix it with honey to use it as a finishing glaze. 

He also uses smoked cumin and Spanish smoked chili, both of which you can find at any spice retailer or Amazon.

“If you’re going to make a burger at home, add caramelized onion, salt, pimento, and Worcestershire sauce,” he says. “Such materials go into the season and give you smoke that you don’t get. If you cannot create smoke yourself, make sure you are getting good smoking ingredients.”

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4. Remove liquid fumes carefully.

“As a barbecue person, I can’t tell anyone that liquid smoke is the way to go,” says bourgeoisie. “This is probably your favorite barbecue, sauce. If you want to make your barbecue sauce, liquid smoke is a good choice, but it is not a substitute for applying smoke to meat.”

5. Do not neglect the Crockpot.

It is very unusual when the best meats like brisket and pork shoulders are thrown into a slow cooker while smoking, but the effect is different.

“With brisket, if you don’t have any smoker, cooking in the oven will create a lot of fat, which will smoke the house up, “Similar to pork chops. If I am not going to smoke, I’m going to put it in a Crock-Pot and let it cook overnight or while I’m at work.” 

However, baby back ribbons, chicken, and spare ribs work well in the oven – if you season accordingly, they will taste just like their grilled brethren.

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