5 Unexpected PPC & SEO Strategies for Growth Marketing

5 unexpected PPC & SEO strategies. SEO & PPC may be two different ways to make marketing channels successful. And both might have different roles to play in generating a lead for a website. However, they serve the same purpose and thus could be a great bonus to the team if implemented together. The ultimate results of doing a great PPC & SEO campaign are to generate effective leads and attract visitors to the site. Marketers, dealing with financial problems, are often in the dilemma of choosing both simultaneously because the results were unknown. And, it often happens that the marketer chooses any one of the 2 for the campaign, to be assured whether there is any ray of hope or not? 

But in reality, you need not pick one from SEO & PPC. You can gain benefits from both if it is implemented well & it is complimenting each other. First and foremost is to strategize, prioritize, and then choose wisely. The second is to figure out tips and tricks for a perspective view of making both the strategies work together well.

1. New ways for an old SEO tool

Long-tail keywords have become obsolete now, but still, some people consider it gold; some don’t even think about it. Long-tail keywords can help you recognize the negative keywords that will be best for PPC. For example, people who search “how to make a birthday card” don’t usually get results of “buy birthday cards, gift birthday cards.” 

This is because of the negative keywords you’ve used. Identifying the right negative keyword for your content is a win-win situation for you. Because your users won’t waste time on irrelevant results, and you need not have to pay for unnecessary links as well. 

2. Make use of PPC Data

That ads that perform well are the ones you need to give importance to highly. You can use it well in your SEO content because you already know the results in PPC data. PPC data is such data that gives you the idea of which ad of yours worked well. With this, you can strategize how you form the ad, what were the text grabbed viewers’ attention. You can use the PPC text in your meta description data, those that have got you great views on the website. 

Another way you can achieve the milestone is by identifying the highest CTRs for content ads. This can lead you to learn about content topics that are the most popular ones. Developing them into blog form, guest post, articulating well in your content will help you boost your SEO strategy as well. 

3. Everything Starts & Ends with Keywords

Using your Keyword data from a PPC campaign and then using it for your SEO? This isn’t something new that you have heard of for the very first time. But, knowing so, people still don’t prefer using it, because they don’t think it could benefit them sooner. PPC ads provide marketers with a clear view of which words are popular and searched as well as clicked and converted. 

With this, the same words could be used in the SEO content strategy. For example, if a PPC campaign is based on the text “Best budget flower bouquet to buy in Delhi,” and there are many clicks on the ads, and people have also converted from viewers to the buyer. One thing is clear; you can use these as n SEO keywords in your content.  

4. Visitors Becomes repetitive visitors on your website

Even if you have your SEO campaign is working very well, and keywords have hit on the starting web pages. You are too soon to celebrate it because this is not how it works. Potential leads might not convert or change their mind and leave your site. There will be frequent visitors, but are they making any difference? Are they buying your service/ product? Are they inquiring? You have no idea what lies in their mind; they might compare the price. 

So, getting a revert back from them may seem difficult. Display them ads at a relatively later time, remind them of your presence. Don’t let them forget they have stalked your website. Remind that they have spent some time on a particular page for a product or service. PPC ads can help you reach your visitors and remind them of you. This way, they will never forget your website, and sooner or later, they will reach out to you. 

5. Build Brand with Both Strategize

Being a marketer, you need to be very creative with how you portray your image in public. Be it, a simple PPC ad that you post, or SEO friendly content that you publish on your site. What’s important is, how do you use it to cater to the attention of the audience? More people will click your ad if you write something unusual but meaningful, that relates to what’s inside. Catchy titles, content is what the user wants to see, and they expect it from you. 

Even if it’s about selling a simple bouquet, you need to be creative, that user thinks this is the place to find an ideal bouquet. For example: “Buy or regret Premium quality floral bouquet at XYZ” doesn’t sound like you must click it once. To see what’s offered to you? Rather than a simple text saying “Buy premium quality bouquet at XYZ” That’s like a tagline used by all flower bouquet service providers online. 


Some marketers still assume that PPC & SEO are two different things and need not be used together. Both have different benefits, and if used at the same time, might complicate your marketing plan. However, now that you know the exact way of handling both the marketing plan at the same time don’t you think it’s time to make it work? These 5 Unexpected PPC & SEO Strategies for Growth Marketing will make sense. You will see the difference, and that will matter to you for years to come.