7 foolproof ways to promote your church youth concert

A church youth concert is an excellent way to get the youth of your community involved with the church and promote it. To make it a success, you will need to promote the youth concert and ensure that a large number of people attend the event.

Thanks to the internet and technology we enjoy today, promoting an event have become much easier and cheaper than ever before. Like with any other concert, you will need an effective marketing strategy and a team to carry it out. There are a number of different things you can do to create and implement your marketing strategy.

Artist Selection

The key to the success of any marketing strategy is to have something worth marketing. You can spend hours and thousands creating the perfect marketing plan and executing it, but it will only work if the product or service is worth selling. Keeping that in mind, you should first do some research and find out which artists are popular for church youth concerts.

Get in touch with other churches, talk to members and attendees and ask which artists are popular for youth concerts. You want something that will inspire the youth of your community to attend. Once you have your answers, contact the artists and then book them for the event.

Select The Venue

In many cases, you can use the church for a concert if the anticipated attendance is limited. However, in some cases, the artists request a large stage or an elaborate setting of sound and lighting which cannot be done in the church. You would need a new venue.

A venue can also influence people’s decision to attend. If it is too far away, the attendees would be less likely to drive all the way across town to attend a concert. Since you’re targeting youth, some of the attendees would be driven to the venue by their parents. You would also need to choose a location with the appropriate capacity. Too small and everyone would be cramped up; too big and you would end up with empty seats.

These factors influence your ability to market your event. The more engageable your event, the easier it would be to market it.

Use Posters, Flyers, And Graphics

Once you have the artists, the venue, and the dates finalized, it is time to promote. For that, you will need to convey the message visually in the form of graphics. They catch the eye instantly and allow you to deliver a to-the-point message without the need for any fluff.

Your event name, the artist lineup, the venue, and the dates of the concerts should go up on the poster or flyer along with an appropriate picture or some graphics. Once you have a design you can work with, you can get it printed as posters and flyers and put them up at various places. Moreover, you can use them in your social media posts whenever you reach out to your members digitally.

All you need to create these graphics is good graphics designing software. Alternatively, you can use an online service that allows you to do so. PosterMyWall is one such service where you can create your church graphics in a matter of minutes. You can choose from hundreds of professionally made designs or create something of your own for this purpose.

A church in Brooklyn, New York created such a graphic which they later put up on their website. The image captures the attention easily and delivers all the essential information instantly without any added fluff.

Email Marketing

If you haven’t done so already then you should create an email mailing list for the churchgoers. This is to keep church members informed about the latest events at your church.

Encourage your churchgoers to leave their email addresses when they visit your website or interact on social media. Then send out all news and promotion regarding your youth concert to this mailing list. This will allow you to directly target your potential audience regarding the event.

Social Media Marketing

A majority of the youth nowadays are active on social media. They have accounts on various platforms where they engage with their friends and family regarding various topics or just offer updates regarding their lives.

With that information in mind, social media marketing should be your main promotional medium as it allows you to directly target your audience, the youth. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are some of the main social media platforms used by youths today. You should have accounts on all these platforms where you should offer updates and promotions regarding the concert.

To generate social media content, you can use engaging and attention-grabbing Instagram story templates to create your stories, which you can cross-post over your various social media platforms. PosterMyWall can help you here again as you can use the site’s easy-to-operate editor to create fresh new content. Not only can you use them for Instagram stories, but the designs can also be utilized for your regular feeds and other social media posts.

A church community by the name of ‘The House’ shared pictures of previous concerts on their Instagram account with a call to action in the caption. You want to include a registration link or a link to a ticketing site where your audience can sign up for the event.

Local Media Advertisements

Local and community media may have a smaller piece in the figurative media pie, but it has an undeniable impact on listeners, readers, and viewers on the grassroots levels. Local radio and television are crucial for the promotion of various events in the community.

Get in touch with the community media outlets, especially radio, and request them to advertise your event. In return, you can potentially offer them an opportunity to be a presenting sponsor for the event. In some cases, you may have to buy an advertisement slot on your community media, but it shouldn’t cost you much, all things considered.

Press Releases

Press releases are official news documents that are shared with various mass media outlets to inform them regarding an event. They contain all the essential information regarding the event which is then shared and broadcasted over various media channels.

You can create a press release for your church youth concert and share it with your local television channels, newspapers, magazines, and radio stations. This will include information regarding your church, the event, the artist lineup, and the venue where the concert was held. Doing so will broaden your potential reach and allow you to reach an audience that you otherwise won’t be able to.

Consistency is crucial for the success of any marketing campaign. Once you have all the required information and tools, you must consistently reach out to your audience to inform them and reinforce your message. However, you must take care not to overdo your promotion as it would have an adverse effect and deter your audience from attending. Find the balance and keep at it. If you follow the steps listed in this article consistently, then your church youth concert is sure to be a success.