8 Local SEO Tips for Multi-Location Businesses

Businesses are orchestrating to increase search visibility and serve the community face-to-face. Thus, Local SEO for all kinds of businesses help claim in listing to ensure franchise location appearing in local search on Google. Furthermore, it helps manage online ratings & reviews of the business, local-centric social media management, and beyond.

SEO for one business is not an easy task, and SEO for multiple locations is immensely difficult.

If you aren’t aware of the local SEO for your business available at multiple locations, you must know how quickly you can promote all your located businesses and gain massive traffic and generate sales.

Referring To Multiple-Location SEO

  • When you have multiple physical stores.
  • When you serve multiple areas.
  • You are an organizational unit that clumps your local business.

In simple words, your website must be well-optimized for the local search, so that you can be found for multiple locations. Through local SEO efforts, you can avoid duplicate & ensure high-quality implementation of SEO for your customers.

It is suggested that every organization must have its personalized SEO tactics thus, you can hire a Search Engine Optimization Agency to do all the hard work. All your multiple location business must be well informed to all the search engines for the customers to reach you. Thus, here helps the multiple location SEO.

Local SEO service makes products & service winning. With the help of this service, you can compel customers and accomplish what they are looking for, which successfully matches the intent of your query.

Local SEO focuses on citations as links, great-quality local content, and achieving sufficiently-amplified traction across local news and media.

However, you can engrave new factors to implement, like an entity-based local algorithm, and voice search. Since it is known that ‘near me’ searches have become common & increased with time, it’s important to focus on local strategy on optimizing for such queries.

Understand these tips to optimize your multi-location business for better results.

Tips to Local SEO for Multi-Location Business

Business Listing Accuracy

It is important that all your listings for multiple-location must match with NAP citation. There are various aspects like punctuation, exact appearance, content, & more for accuracy. With the difference in the information and the content provided, the algorithm’s interpretation could go wrong in locating your business.

Avoid Virtual Office Location

Interpreting and allowing the audience to learn that your business is located at multiple locations despite the fact your business listed is absolutely virtual, which cannot be reached.

The latest GMB guidelines explain the terms about virtual offices in a comprehensive way. Google has become smart and can easily wipe out the spam or virtual addresses and listing of the businesses. Using an off-site location address on a search engine can give you negative consequences.

Show Up in Knowledge Panel

Your data, as well as information of your business must achieve a knowledge panel of SERP. When you add structured data properly, you get validated by Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to index when data becomes issue free.

Competition Assessment

One of the most important aspects to rank on Google, you must be aware of what your competitors follow. What is more important is the market assessment. Assessing general market & target markets that can help in shooting a local campaign within your budget.

When you make an assessment of your competition, you also assess the ease of ranking for a particular market. It is important to have strategies, like Linking Strategy, Content Strategy, and Website Structure.

Link Strategy

Ranking locally is different from ranking organically. Depending upon how strong your off-site signals, you may rank. Obtaining links from different sources can help your location be exhibited without much effort.

Content Strategy

In order to showcase your business, optimizing, content & focusing on creating local content is highly essential. Including a geo-location tag with text, address optimizes your content.

Change Local Content from Page to Page

When you are optimizing your content, it is also essential to add substantial unique content to attract readers. Uploading different and unique quality content for different locations makes your strategy even more successful.

You become fortunate when offering unique content page-to-page also, it avoids algorithmic or manual penalties that Google can impose.

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Optimizing Local Off-Site Signals

Auditing existing off-site signals is one of the keys to good local SEO. In order to improve off-site, there are various impediments that need to be treated.

Addressing to Negative Reviews

Google maintains an Abbreviation – EAT, which means Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Link Signals, Citation factors, and online sentiment play a vital role in encouraging trust.

Cleaning negative reviews ensures that you are resolving complaints of the users. Implementing better processes will allow you to improve higher-rated reviews and positive online sentiment.

Google My Business Profile

Above all the essential tips, creating an account with Google My Business leverages you to control your business. You can take control of your presence with the help of Google & Maps. It is easy to keep your multiple location business organized using the same account. You can also upload bulk spreadsheets & import them to Google My Business with import tools.

Upload Comprehensive Articles

As mentioned earlier, new and unique content helps in better engagement. Adding lengthy & informative articles/blogs tend to perform better and reduces bounce rate, improves retention rate, and enhances visibility.

Add targeted keywords, so when a user searches for an answer, your article should pop first to provide them the relevant information.

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In the Nutshell –

Finally, the efforts made to appear in the Local SEO must be audited. This usually starts with the appearance of the off-site Local SEO information. Then claiming the address and the information provided on all profiles are not false or virtual. Prioritize all strategies – link, content, and the website for effective results. Research the Market thoroughly and exercise what strategies your competitors are using.

Create a Google Business profile to enjoy the effortless services of Google to list your business. And lastly, upload a unique and comprehensive piece of content to get under Google’s top 10 search results.