A Whole Chicken in a Can Is a Thing

When I found this Whole Chicken in a Can (and two old-fashioned church beer cans) under the floorboards a few days ago while I was looking for a bag of old money or a skeleton of a pirate, anyone who works at home, taken a lunch break, eating things and just lazily rolling them where future generations can find them – and I find it fascinating.whole chicken in a can

Guess what? It worked! Not too much beer (old beer cans are easy to come by) but chicken. It’s a whole chicken. In a can! Sprinkle the chili or roasting to chicken a la king (good) to … “May Also Be Served Cold Just as Chicken Comes from the Can.” How could it possibly taste like? Sadly, the Pinafore brand (from Chicago) is no more. But there is still a can of chicken in the United States. It was called Sweet Sue’s Chicken in the can, and apparently, it became a punchline. (Strangely, it does not appear on the Sweet Sue website.) I was tempted to order one … until I saw the photos.

My discovery also made me think: What are the other animals that come in cans? I have Pied de Cochon’s famous Duck in a Can in Montreal, but this is not something you see in a supermarket, and it is not a whole duck. This was a whole chicken – save the giblets – and it’s got a good Housekeeping stamp of Approval.

The only equivalent I could come up with was sardines, although there are no doubt snails in a can, and if you click this link, you can see Korean silkworm pupae in a can. But there’s still a huge gap in the animal kingdom. Veal in a Can could work, maybe. Suckling pig? Rabbit?
Your suggestions and experiences are welcome here in the comments.

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