Best Exercises You Can Tell Your Child during COVID

During these times when everybody is stuck at their home and are not able to do anything except sit all day and just roam here and there in their house it is important to do some physical activity. You need to tell your kids the importance of exercising and then tell them about the best exercises that they can do while sitting at home.

So, let us discuss some exercises that you can tell your kids to do during COVID.


The first activity that you necessarily need to tell your kids is running because you should just start from the basics. Running is the activity that is going to boost their energy and make them capable of doing a lot more as compared to how they normally do. Because you are stuck at home, just make some spare place in the house anywhere you want and you are good to go. While you do this, and they are running play some other games that improve their thinking skills like asking them during running the biblical meaning of Julian will make them think harder and they will be improving their skills.

Different Exercise Games:

There are a lot of other things that are not necessarily exercising but work just the same way for your kids and for the children. For example, you can play a game called corners with your children and you will see that how much they enjoy the game and they are also unknowingly exercising. In this game what you actually do is assign the kids with their specific corners and then ask them to come in the center together.

Then you count till three and then they have to go their specified corners. The kid that remains without a corner, in the end, loses the game. This way, you will be making your kids busy while engaging them in this fun activity which will make them really active and they will also enjoy it a lot.

Play with the Balls:

There are different types of ball games that you can play with your kids at home. Ball games are actually very fun to play with your kids and not just that, they also have the ability to improve fine motor skills in your kids. Some major benefits of playing with the ball are that it improves the coordination in the body of your kid, it improves their balance and it also includes some aerobic exercise in it.

There are different types of indoor ball games that you can easily play with your kids. Some of them dodge the ball, hitting the target, and basketball. In dodge the ball, you can play on the lawn of your house. You will just have to divide the kids into two sides and one of them will be standing in the middle dodging the ball while both teams throw them to each other.

Hitting the target is also a simple yet very healthy game because it will not just make them exercise but it will also improve coordination in the kids. Make a specific point to be targeted by the ball and whoever hits the right point gets a reward for it. This way kids will stay motivated to play more. For the last game, you can just fix some specific place where the kids have to throw the ball and they get to the point if they do not miss the target.

Lunges and Squats:

It might look like a difficult activity for the kids but once you put them on this fun exercise you will see how much they love it and how they want to do it every day. The lunges and the squats are very beneficial for your kids because they increase the strength in the legs and the lower body of your kid and also make them really active.

When they will do these exercises, they will simply be improving the strength in their legs which eventually makes them able to take part in all other activities related to strength and fitness. You can try squats and lunges in all directions i.e. forward, sideways, and backward direction. You can just simply convert it into a game like how much can your kids do in one minute and you will see them working hard for it.

When they are attempting to do this exercise always make sure that the knees of your kids are rightly aligned with their feet, and it is not bent too much. This way they can do proper exercise without tiring themselves too much and they will also enjoy this activity a lot.