Cracking The Interior Decor Code

Lighting can have a significant impact on the appearance and feel of your home. Good lighting will help perform tasks more effectively, and create a sense of comfort in a room. Better lighting will motivate us to look at home happier, feel good, and even enjoy life. Therefore, choosing the right kind of lighting according to room requirements is the key to comfort and joy for your home. Here are five major lighting points that should consider while choosing any lighting fixture.

Have a look at the following suggestions when designing the decor for each room of your home:

  • The atmosphere in every area you would like to build.
  • In-room tasks (food preparation, studying, leisure, cleaning, washing, homework, etc.
  • Consider any art materials, such as sculptures or decorative designs that you want to emphasize.
  • Consider the illumination and energy-efficiency of your lights.

For more specific advice, check out our customized tips for home lighting below!

Bedroom lighting

The bedroom is consider as a place of rest and relaxation, but you do much more in your bedroom than catch up on sleep if you think about it. Generally bedroom needs more lighting for activities like reading, or just watching your favorite show on television and all these require good amount of lighting, whether on some more specific areas or merely present at the backside. No matter all bedrooms have their own lighting requirements; you only need to focus on your bedroom spaces that are mostly used for different activities.

For example, bedside lamps do not only enhance the décor of the room but also provide sufficient light for multi tasks.


Living room lighting:

The living room is the place where families spent most of their time with each other like to watch TV, read books, play games, and entertain guests. We can say that this family room is the most active area of the home as it is used for multitasking. Therefore, it should have ample light fit for each task and ambiance. Yes, every living room is unique, but few key points like suitable pendant lights, floor lamps, or table lamps or wall light suits best according to room’s mood and purpose. These options look best and have already become a popular lighting option in modern living rooms. While choosing any light, never skip the opportunity for a good bulb. While selecting a bulb, always keep in mind the size, shape, light intensity, and brightness.


Kitchen lighting:

The importance of kitchen lighting is admired not only by women but also from men. It is not only for preparing a delicious meal but also a loving space where families come together and spend a quality tie with each other while eating. With the installation of a beautiful pendant at the kitchen’s focal point, you can show off your kitchen’s charm in an entirely new way. However, it is crucial to choose your pendants based on your kitchen size and height to overwhelm the area.

Bathroom lighting:

The bathroom is the place where a person practices one’s hygiene. Unfortunately, many bathrooms are ignored concerning inadequate lights, and that causes problems afterward. It would be best if you elevated your home’s style and functionality with modern bathroom lights. If you get ready in the morning or take a soothing shower, getting the right lighting will improve the experience. For example, mirror lights in the bathroom brought out your healthy glow and make it much easier to embellish the operation, whether it is a skincare routine, a cosmetic application, etc. Installing pendants or wall lights according to the colors and style of the bathroom can increase overall lighting

Entryway lighting:

Your home’s entryway is the most significant space, mostly because it’s the first thing guests see when entering your home. Therefore, good lighting in these areas is essential for your guest’s first impressions toward your home. You do not have to hang an over-the-top chandelier to make a statement with lighting in your entryway, setting the right tone with a good lamp would be a good option.

Home Office lighting:

Good lighting in the office makes a genuine difference as it not only benefits one person but to the whole company. It creates pleasant working conditions in a functional and atmospheric way. Satisfaction and efficiency will improve with the improved quality of required light. While this is often a practical solution for both employers and staff to increase overall productivity. Consider using an elegant table lamps Dubai that adds extra light to your office table or workplace.

Kid’s Room lighting:

Children’s rooms are also the most demanding in the equipped home. While decorating kid’s rooms, you do not need to stick to any one theme, but you need to add lights according to room requirements like focus on ample light on the kids play area and study table and the night-lights. In addition, by using a colorful strip light, your child is guaranteed to enjoy the cozy feeling in his/ her room.

Basement lighting

Your basement can be a combination of things like a workplace, private theater, or a game room. In many cases, basements tend to feel cramped and cave-like, but you can convert this feeling to the most restful place with the selection of good lighting. Go for the wall scones or a traditional floor lamp at the focal point of the basement. It would lavish not only the light level but also increase the overall decor. You only need to make sure that the bulbs you choose are powerful enough to illuminate the basement. Also, add double layers of lighting in the ceiling, which will act as a more functional and natural.

Laundry Room lighting:

Laundry rooms are often ignored while selecting lighting fixtures, but adequate lighting is necessary because it can make working in this room more comfortable. You can choose many ceiling lights or wall lights, but it depends on the laundry room space area, congested or open. So, go for ceiling lights that provide sufficient light while working in the laundry room. has one the best lights Dubai. Checkout their website for some lovely lighting.