A Role of Clarity Factor in Evaluation of a Diamond

A Role of Clarity Factor in Evaluation of a Diamond


Diamond is Aries Birthstone, a very valued and prized jewel across the world because of its traits. Clarity aspect of the stone is influencing its price a lot. We will discuss the factors of clarity that are increasing or decreasing the price of gemstone.

 The study of nature reveals, there are natural entities in the world that are naturally perfect and no one can doubt on their natural perfection. Diamond is a mined object that exhibits natural beauty that is beyond your thinking but some imperfections are discovered with the impurities at interior and surface of the jewel. The impurities at innards are inclusions and others on the surface are blemishes. The mutual influences of these two impurities influence market value of the jewel and clarity of the stone is discovered high with the absence of any types of impurity in the jewel.

Blemishes are referred to the scratches and nicks present on the surface of a jewel and on other hand inclusions are usually found in the inner surface and these impurities may be the reason of the damage of the jewel at surface level. In rare cases, during the natural formation of the diamonds some tiny pieces of same jewel or other natural neighboring objects are left inside them but the glittering of a jewel depends on the place of the inner small stones. The final effects are observed when a diamond is polished or a cut is applied on its surface.

Clarity trait may influence the value of the stone positively as well as negatively but with this factor creation of replica of diamond is a difficult task. With the experimental observations it is concluded that two diamonds never exist at the same inclusion rate, therefore clarity factor is very helpful for the identification of stones. These are very accessible for scientists to dish up information about the Evaluation of a Diamond.

Comparing with other 4C’s factors, clarity of the gemstone influences the price value keeping in view the ideology of the rarity. If Aries Birthstone Color is white or flawless, it is graded at the top according to the GIA standards of grading. A flawless diamond is free from the inclusions and blemishes when it is examined by the professional grader in the 10-power magnification.

White or colorless or flawless diamonds are found very rare and there is a very little chance for a jeweler to see such diamond once during his professional life and they are very expensive. The diamonds with impurities like inclusion are visible without any helping equipment

If we go on the other end of the scale, we will discover Aries birthstones having inclusions that are not observed without any aided equipment. The sand witched diamonds between the two ends of Aries birthstones are stones having the mentioned impurities are observed only under 10X magnification. In between diamonds have comparatively low price and you can purchase them easily from a reputable jeweler’s shop.

The impurities of nitrogen often infiltrate in the Aries birthstone through the crystal lattice and sometimes boron impurities are also discovered in the stones Evaluation of a Diamond. These impurities do not only influence the color of the gemstone but also the price of the jewel.

There are 11 grades of a diamond but it is not the standard as one diamond is investigated on lab and the grade awarded to this stone is entirely different than the grade assigned to the same stone from second lab.