Food Delivery App: Must-Have Features

Food delivery apps are becoming popular since the demand for food delivery at doorsteps has increased. The food delivery service is a blessing for customers as well as restaurants owner. Customers get their desired food at their doorsteps, whereas the restaurant owners get extra sales, which adds to their brand goodwill. Food delivery app giants such as Zomato. Swiggy, Uber Eats, and more have developed a unique and grand platform for food delivery services. Since the industry is lucrative, many entrepreneurs are trying to capitalize on the opportunity by developing their food delivery platform. There are some essential features that a restaurant app development must-have for efficient working. Here are some of the features which a food delivery app must have for better growth.

Easy Order Placement

Without a doubt, an easy order placement feature must be present in the food delivery app. Customers, while ordering food, must not face any external hassle. The user interface must be interactive and easy to understand. If possible, the app must contain a multilingual feature to offer extra aid to customers.

Easy Payment Options

Food Delivery App

The second important feature which restaurant mobile app development must integrate is the easy payment options. Customers who are ordering food from the platform must get a secured gateway while they order food. Not only this, there must be multiple payment options such as net banking, debit card, UPI, and more. Also, restaurant owners can offer promo or voucher codes if the payment is made from different payment gateways available in the market.

Table Orders

Sometimes it gets difficult to reserve a table on the spot at a restaurant. However, food delivery apps can make the table order comfortable and hassle-free. With a table order or dine-in feature, customers will be easily able to reserve a table for their special occasion.

Discount and Cashback Offers

Food Delivery App

We all love discounts and cashback offers. The food delivery app must offer multiple discounts, and cashback offers to customers. The strategy will increase the goodwill of the brand in the market.

Apart from this, a loyalty program is another feature that must be integrated into the restaurant app development. Various big food companies have already been offering loyalty programs to their customer. The loyalty program feature increases the brand value and awareness in the market.

Order Tracking and Management

Food Delivery App

Another important feature that must be present in a food delivery app is order tracking. Customers must be able to track the status of their orders through GPS. Mostly real-time GPS tracking is beneficial for both customers and delivery personnel. Customers easily track their orders, whereas the delivery personnel gets the residence address of the customer with the help of GPS.

E-mail and Notifications

Food Delivery App

E-mail and push notifications are some of the best features to retain customers. All the restaurant app development must integrate this feature for brand awareness. However, these notifications must not contain a commercial message. There must be a value proposition in the shared message. If there is a new discount scheme or loyalty program update, customers must be updated with e-mail and push notifications. With the help of these notifications, there will be increased engagement in the portal, which will be beneficial for business.

Chatbots Integration

Food Delivery App

To retain the customers, restaurant app development must also include chatbots. In case if you are not aware, chatbots are AI-based programs that hold the conversation with a customer on the social media platform. Mainly, chatbot integration helps the portal to solve the general query of a customer, such as available offers, restaurant timings, and many more.

Kitchen Management

This is one of the essential features which is beneficial for the restaurant owner. Restaurant app development must include kitchen management to increase the efficiency of production. With kitchen management, more orders will be fulfilled in the same period.

Review and Ratings

Customer reviews are one of the essential needs of any business. The restaurant app development must include review and rating options. The feature helps the restaurant owner to improve the quality of the food and delivery by analyzing the reviews from different customers.

Social Media Integration

Food Delivery App

Social media platforms have become one of the best places to increase brand awareness. The restaurant app development must include social media integration to attract existing customers on a regular basis. Not only this, but new customers can also be added using various promotional offers and influencer marketing of social media platforms.

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If you are planning to develop a food delivery app for your restaurant, you must ensure that all these features are present in your portal. The features listed in this article will help you scale your brand and increase the profitability of the business. Not only this, the features will intrigue the customers, which will result in a better user experience.