Give the gift of plants on this Diwali!

More and more plants should be grown to reduce the level of pollution in the atmosphere. If you give the gift of plants to your friends and family members, then they can also follow this trend. It should be made a trend of gifting plants on ceremonies. Plants, once grown, can survive for a long time, and one can save their memory of gifts for the same time. Sweets are consumed within a day or two, so people can forget the gifts of sweets. You should give them useful plants according to their needs. There is a wide range of plants to choose from. You can easily choose them online while sitting at the ease of your home. If you buy them from the market, you will have to visit different shops to select the best plant for your friend, and this is time-consuming. So, you should better do the shopping of plants online. Your time will not be wasted in traffic jams and crowds as it can be there during Diwali.

Your gift should be such that it can make the other person happy, and the following are gift ideas of plants to give on this Diwali.

Attractive pots with plants to give as a gift.

Pots of plants are available in three different kinds of material, which are cement, terracotta, and plastic. Cement pots are heavy and cannot be taken from one place to another. They can also break if not handled properly. Terracotta pots are made of clay soil, and these are also perishable. Plastic pots are now in trend because these are easy to carry. Some people avoid using plastic because they want to save the environment. Therefore they can give the plants in terracotta pots. The pots are available in various colors and unique designs. Even terracotta pots are also available in the form of sculptures of renowned personalities. You should buy an attractive pot if you want to gift plants. You can purchase the pot having the favorite character of your friend or relative whom you want to give the plant. If you want to make the gift more valuable, then you can buy a costly container for the plants which are to be gifted. You can do the shopping of these Diwali gifts online if you do not want to go out more.

Plants with medicinal values to give as a gift

Some plants have medicinal properties like herbs. These small plants can cure many diseases like digestion problems and immunity problems. You can give the gift of Aloe Vera plant as it is quite beneficial for the environment and health as well. Auspicious plant holy basil is also the best plant gift option for this Diwali. This plant is worshipped in many Indian homes, and people will love to receive this gift as they like to have this plant at their houses. Likewise, there are many other herbal plants like oregano, mint, fenugreek, coriander, etc.

Plants of flowers to be given as a gift on this Diwali

The gift of a flowering plant can lift up the mood of a person as the vibrant color and scent can please everyone. There are a number of flower plants which can be given as gifts like Rose plant, Lily plant, Marigold plant, etc.

There are also many indoor flowering plants that can be given as gifts on this Diwali. A bouquet of plucked flowers can become dry after sometime and die, which is not there in the case of the plants of these flowers. One can keep the gifts of these enchanting plants with blooms for a long quiet time.

Other decorative plants

There are also plants with leaves of distinct colors and plants with unique shapes and designs. Some succulents like echeveria look alluring with their beautiful shapes, which can be a better gift option on this Diwali. It is better to give the gift of indoor plants if the other person lives in a place where sunlight does not reach. You can indirectly spread this message that if you do not have space to grow trees, you can grow houseplants and should do something for the environment. Nature gives us many things to use, so we should also give something to nature.

Gifts of plants are cheap but useful gifts. The price of these plants is affordable for everyone, and people can buy them online. They can order Diwali gifts online & diwali gift express delivery, as it is easier to send gifts like this. They will have to face the hurdles of traffic jams and crowds, as this can be there during the festive season. Sweets can cause health issues, so they should be avoided as gifts. People can suffer from heath hassles if they eat too many sweets.

Nowadays, people should focus on their health and the health of the environment. In order to prevent themselves from diseases, They must consume nutritional food and keep their surroundings clean. For this, they should not burst crackers this Diwali; instead should spend the money on buying these plants and celebrating green Diwali.