For the Millennials, Health Is A Lifestyle, Not a Temporary Concern

Do you really need a lot of money to be happy? Pressure from friends around, fear of being forgotten in photos taken online, feeling of being left behind while society is moving forward … A feeling of being abandoned in the race that the time becomes the most fierce judge. Those seeds of insecurity and fears speak into the mind, making it difficult for each person to bravely give up an easy work habit. Health is A Lifestyle

In Maslow’s 5-story famous needs tower, where you put yourself, the health and spirit of each young person will be in the right position that needs the most attention. Health is the most important and strong foundation for us to pursue other goals in life. Understanding the two-way relationship between health and career is always essential for each person to work out their own health backup plan.

However, besides the group of young people who neglect their health, today’s young people also have a division that is very hard-working to share knowledge to improve their physical and mental well-being and keep a balance between life and work. That healthy lifestyle is seriously recognized by young people as a new trend that is beneficial for themselves and the community.

In the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, Chau Bui was really the first celeb of Vietnam to be centrally quarantined 14 days after participating in Milan Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2020 in Italy. From the isolated area, Chau Bui still maintains a positive and proactive spirit for his health, regularly updates the situation in a humorous, optimistic way, and gives advice to everyone to protect their health. body as well as the community.

Not only Chau Bui but also many young people of the Millennials generation, in general, are still doing a great job with the community in protecting their own health and conveying positive messages to raise awareness about health protection.

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“Proactive” is a key-word keyword with the Millennials generation so they don’t sit around waiting for problems to arise. Do not wait for the epidemic to come before finding ways to prevent it, but always protect your health and body against all other events in life.

From every thought and action such as eating habits, body training to a preventive financial solution for disease risks, we can make a positive change to help protect our health. me and my loved ones. The need for “back-up” health provisions or a risk prevention plan should also be included in a “to-do list” so that young people can confidently realize their remaining goals. back in life.

Today’s Millennials have taken a step further than their predecessors, because of their vision and actions, their responsibility to themselves before going further out into the community. The tragedy of young people is a challenge for them to find a new path and in a vicious cycle of work choices – health – happiness, and they will always have the right plan for themselves.