Here Why You Should Plant Blue Java Bananas

Everything about the Blue Java Banana appears to be a scam: Can the organic product be this blue? Does it taste like frozen yogurt? Was it imagined by Sirs Ben and Jerry, on a night when they were feeling like they’d vanquished the universe of pints and needed to proceed onward to more fantastical manifestations?

Blue Java Banana

Ok, that last part is a finished untruth, yet the initial two are valid. Blue Java Bananas are known as “ice cream bananas” since they have a smooth surface and flavor that is strangely suggestive of vanilla custard or delicate serve, as indicated by the pros at They start out blue or blue-green before they mature and appear to be made for pureeing and freezing into the one-indication ice cream that appears to become famous online each late spring.

The bananas themselves are fluffier and creamier than your common banana, Huffington Post announced, and you can discover them filling in Hawaii, Southeast Asia, and parts of Central America.

Even though they’re generally found in heat and humidity, they’re cool open-minded, as long as they get a respectable measure of daylight. So, in case, you’re longing to attempt them, why not plant a tree yourself? Blue Java Banana Trees are sold on, just as on Amazon.

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Contingent upon what sort of responsibility you’re prepared for and your spending you can either purchase seeds or a live plant. Toss in some manure extraordinarily made for banana trees and a cabana daybed, and you’re well en route to transforming your lawn into a desert spring. Welcome to the staycation vibes.