How to Clean your Kitchen like a professional?

An area that can quite justifiably be called the heart of the whole house is the kitchen. You start and end your day eating and drinking from there.

Be it munching on snacks, consuming proper meals, baking your favorite dessert, or blending up your favorite glass or fruit smoothie, the kitchen is the most-used space in your house.

How should you deep clean your kitchen?

The kitchen is one area of the house that must be kept clean at all times. It is a place where we cook food and store our eatables. Due to its importance, you will mostly find this room in need of cleaning the most.

Cleaning the kitchen should be included in your everyday routine. After the day’s work, clean the kitchen surface, counters, cabinets, and washbasin. Also, it is best to deep clean your kitchen routinely. Dyson v6 vacuum cleaner can come in handy in cleaning your kitchen. A Dyson v6 replacement battery is also available.

Deep cleaning a kitchen includes decluttering the cabinets, scrubbing the surfaces, and reorganizing the appliances and Tupperware.

Are you perplexed about where to start and how to go about it? Fret not! We have got the perfect step-by-step cleaning guide for you. So, let us dive in.

What do you need?

  • Dust mop (preferably with a long handle)
  • Step ladder or a stool
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Small bucket with water
  • Several sponges
  • Dish soap, all-purpose cleaners, or any other cleaning chemicals you prefer using
  • Broom and mops

Where to start?

Are you ready to start your cleaning journey? Let us take you through the simplest yet most effective route to deep cleaning your kitchen.

  1. Clear the counter – make room

The first thing you need to do is to clear the kitchen counters.It includes removing all the junk mail that might be lying around, half-empty cereal boxes, extra cutlery stashed away, appliances and their cords, etc.

  1. Prepare the sink

Fill warm water in your sink and mix in a little dish soap. Next, toss the dirty dishes, cutlery, and fridge shelves in the water.

  1. Visit your refrigerator and clean it up

Next are your refrigerator and freezer. Start by removing items that you need to dump and put them in a trash bag. Pull out the shelves and dip them in the soapy water. There is no need to save age-old spices that you think you might use but have not used ever.

  1. Cabinets and pantry

Now turn to another mighty task, i.e., cleaning up your kitchen cabinets. Our kitchen cabinets are often filled with items we only store in the hope of using. It is best to take everything out, spread them on the counter, and sift through them.

Discard the expired stuff and put it in the trash right away. Skim through the items and double-check whether you need them or not. Only keep the essential things and throw away the rest.

  1. Appliances

Whether it is a toaster, a waffle iron, or an electric kettle, clean them thoroughly after unplugging them. Use a solution of dish soap and water to clean the insides of your microwave oven. Set all the appliances away after cleaning them so that your counter is cleared for the next step.

  1. Kitchen fan and vent

Fans and air vents in the kitchen accumulate more dirt and grime than we can ever fathom. Use a dust mop to clean the dirt and then use a sponge dipped in the cleaning solution to scrub off the grime and grease stuck on the fan or vent.

  1. Dipping game

The next step is to clean and wipe all the handles, knobs, and surfaces. Use a specialized cleaning solution for your stovetop and scrub it thoroughly. Wipe out the soap with a washcloth so that you can clean and wipe everything in a go.

  1. Empty the sink

Wash the items in your sink and place them in the dishwasher after wiping the stubborn dirt and grime off them. Drain the dirty water and wash your sink with warm water and soap.

  1. Get to the floor

The last step is to clean the floor. Use a vacuum cleaner to collect all the dust and get to the greasy stubborn stains, if any, with a sponge dipped in cleaning chemicals. Mop the floor thoroughly, and then leave it to dry.

How frequently should you deep clean the kitchen?

Ideally, one should deep clean the kitchen once a month to make sure that it always remains clean and hygienic. However, if you can’t take out time for it, then you can also hire a professional cleaning service in your area.

If you don’t know a reliable housekeeping service in your area, then you can search on the internet for one. For example, if you live in Dallas, then you can search for “Dallas Maid Service” or “Dallas Housekeeping Service.”

The results will give you a list of cleaning services in your area. You can call one of them and let the professional housekeepers handle the cleaning task for you.

Final Words

Hygiene is one thing that you should never ignore. It is the fundamental aspect of leading a healthy life. The kitchen is the main spot from where most of the things go into our mouth – fruits, vegetables, snacks, or water. Therefore, keeping this space clean is very crucial.