How to Extract Text from Images (OCR) In Scanned Documents?

That day, one of my friends asked me to edit his essay, and it didn’t seem like a big deal so I started doing it. I just took a screenshot of his essay, edited it, and shared it back to him. He was so shocked and asked how I did that in just a few minutes. Clearly, he is unaware of OCR scanner apps.

So, I introduced him to the excellent scanner app that offers OCR functionalities. It is very easy to pull out text from images with the help of smart OCR scanner apps.

How-to Pull-Out Text from Any Images with OCR Scanner App

A digital copy of the paper is easy to carry, share, and edit. You will need a scanner app to turn your pages into a file you can edit. How will you identify a reliable scanner app? Here are some of the features that can ensure the trustworthiness of a scanner app.

Characteristics Of Excellent Scanner App With OCR Tool

Often document scanner apps provide free OCR tools with them. Check out these qualities that make the scanner app a genuine tool.

  • The best OCR scanner app will read the text perfectly. It will extract the text from the image in seconds.
  • Such an app should also offer a facility that enables users to save the recognized file as plain text.
  • A comprehensive OCR tool also offers translation support. Many apps translate extracted text in other languages.
  • Along with the OCR functionality the app should produce scans quickly and efficiently. We don’t want any complicated app that eats up our time.
  • If you pick a free scanner with the OCR tool, you should be extra cautious. Often free apps come up with a poor quality of scans that are unprofessional and not up-to-the-mark.
  • Blur scans are professionally not acceptable, we need a scanner that can remove background noise and generate clear and sharp scans.
  • The post-scan edits are also important. Many apps offer editing filters that can glorify the scanned results.

Although there are many OCR scanner and PDF creator tools available in the market, here we introduce you to an all-in-one scanning expert -Flash Scan. After evaluating several apps we came across the Flash Scan, a single app that by default offers all the above-mentioned features as its basic functionality.

But it is more than that. Before checking out its features lets see how easy it is to pull out text from images with Flash Scan.

How To Recognize Text From Images With Flash Scan?

Identifying text from any given image is a child’s play with Flash Scan. Follow these steps for an image to text conversion.

Step 1: First of all Install Flash Scan app on your Android device.

Step 2: Keep your image handy that you want to convert into text.

Step 3: Now go to the dashboard of Flash Scan. Import the image from the gallery or take a photo of it with your device’s camera directly.

Step 4: Tap on the OCR, open the image, and you are done! OCR is very intuitive; it will recognize the text in seconds.

Step 5: You can use OCR for translation also. The converted text can be translated from English to many other languages.

Flash Scan’s OCR offers free text recognition, however, if you frequently require editable texts you can easily go for the premium plans and enjoy unlimited OCR facility along with many other benefits.

Flash Scan- The Most Reliable Document Scanner

Flash Scan is a newbie document scanner and a one-stop scanning solution. Flash Scan offers many useful features for free. Here are some of the main functionalities.

  • It is a comprehensive scanner app that scans all types of documents. It produces clear and sharp scans instantly.
  • The in-built OCR tool extracts text accurately. It is the best OCR scanner that uses AI-powered character recognition and supports more than 50 languages.
  • Flash Scan lets users save the recognized file as plain text.
  • The OCR gives translation support too. It can translate recognized texts from English to many other languages.
  • Flash Scan also reads QR and Barcodes correctly.
  • With the help of various post-scan filters, Flash Scan improves scanned results. Grayscale, Magic Colors, Black, and White-1,2 are brilliant filters of the app.
  • Users can effortlessly save, share, rename, and delete any files and folder.
  • This app is an all-inclusive PDF creator also. It generates sharp PDFs and offers different page sizes for PDF files such as-compressed, A3, A4(default), A5, Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, etc.
  • The PDF Viewer lets you view all your PDF files in one place. You can further apply different operations on these PDF files.
  • You can password-protect PDFs, place your signature on it, and can access Anti-counterfeit for image security with this PDF creator.
  • Flash Scan also offers a batch scan facility.


Do you want an OCR scanner application that offers accurate text recognition? Do you want to enjoy ad-free and watermark-free scans? Go premium with FlashScan and enjoy the best scanning experience. However, the freemium model is more than enough for students and professionals.