How to Travel Safe during the Outbreak of Pandemic

Isolated airports, travel bans, and wearing masks everywhere you go were some of the most painful things that the world had to experience this year. Things were even more hurtful for regular travelers. While there are no travel bands in place currently, things are not back to as normal as they were pre-pandemic. But you can make the most out of your traveling experience if you follow some advice. Apart from subscribing to reliable Internet providers, you will now have to take care of other things as well.

The following are the precautions you should take while traveling:

Wear a Mask

The masks are not going anywhere anytime soon. So, if you want, you can stock them. Whatever you do, know that you won’t be allowed to travel without them. This is true when you are traveling via an airplane. People who are air traveling are taking it a step ahead and wearing face shields too.

On the other hand, people who are traveling via roads might not follow this SOP. You might not get caught but know that you could be a threat to the others traveling with you (in this case your own family). It might seem inconvenient, but wearing a mask is essential. So, please DO NOT forget to wear one. And carry some extra with you as well. Wear a mask even while travelling from BookBusNow Bus.

Safe Place to Sleep

Moving from one place to another whether it is in a car or an airplane is one part of traveling, staying at a place that you visit is another. And you need to make arrangements for that as well. Many people are avoiding staying in the hotels these days as they are skeptical about the disinfecting protocols that they did or did not follow. However, Airbnb’s are still a popular choice.

But there is a twist in that too. You should not choose any place that has had a lot of visitors in the past couple of months. However, there are mixed reviews from researchers on this as well. Some say that as long as you are maintaining a six feet distance from people and wearing your masks, the accommodation does not matter.

Researchers also suggest washing your hands and sanitizing them if the hotel that you book a room in does not allow keyless entry. But many people are still not comfortable in staying at hotels. The call is yours in this regard.

Where to Eat

Restaurants are now open while maintaining SOPs. However, if you are not comfortable dining in any of the restaurants, you can always select the takeout option for yourself. Many people opt for the latter because it means that they won’t have much of human exposure. Others who book an Airbnb location for themselves may also choose to cook themselves. Every option is a safe option as long as you know how to take care of hygiene.

Apart from your hygiene, you should also keep an eye on your server. This is more doable when you are dining in. See if the restaurant is mindful of following the SOPs and if the servers are taking care of that as well. In the end, if you are dining in or opting for a takeout, do not forget to tip well. As the restaurants have to pay a higher cost of maintaining hygiene these days.

Make a Packing List

Although everyone makes a list before traveling, times are different now. And you cannot afford to forget the essentials during these times. The list of some of the things that you should not forget to carry at any cost include:

  • Cloth or nay other face masks
  • Disinfectant wipes or sprays for surfaces
  • Alcohol-based hand-sanitizers
  • Thermometer
  • Separate pillow coves and bed covers

You might think that the last item on the list is extra but trust me that it is much needed. You cannot go and sleep on a pillow whose cover you are not sure is clean or not.

Avoid Crowds

Coronavirus might have reduced in certain parts of the world but it is still there. This means that people are still at risk of suffering from the disease and transferring it. And you might not know who is a carrier and who is not. Especially when you are traveling abroad where people from different countries visit. Therefore, do yourself a favor and stay away from crowded places.

You should not select a popular destination where almost everyone is going, to begin with. Because it will become difficult for you to avoid crowds if you visit such a destination. Other than that, avoid going to crowded areas like malls, parks, and restaurants at peak times.

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I hope that this coronavirus guide on travel safety answers all your queries and gives you a direction. In case you have any more questions to ask, you can leave them in the comments section below.

Happy traveling…