Top Mobile App trends you should look for in 2021

With the rise of mobile phones, things have evolved beyond our imagination. From gathering information from the internet to making bank payments, everything is being done online. Just because of mobile phones, various new platforms have become an integral part of our lives, and one such technology is mobile apps.

You will be surprised to know that currently, there are more than a billion mobile phone apps available to be downloaded on Google Play. The influx of mobile apps is not surprising as apps have made our lives very easy and it has opened the door of many opportunities and possibilities for business owners as well.

In the modern era, owning a mobile app through a professional mobile application development company has become a necessity and in order to begin their journey on the right foot, some of the businesses are commencing their business through mobile apps only. But in order to make the most of mobile apps and keep tabs on the latest mobile app trends is very necessary because just like SEO, even mobile app trends keep on changing.

So, let’s go through the top mobile application development trends that you shouldn’t overlook in 2021.

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Use of chatbots

The year 2019 witnessed the influx of chatbots for better communication and in 2021, we will witness chatbots becoming a mobile application development trend as it will become much better and effective. Now, businesses are realizing that the growing need for real-time communication cannot be overlooked and since every business can’t own a support team, chatbots have started gaining popularity in mobile apps.

By using chatbots, businesses will be able to provide answers to all the queries and thus the chances of uninstalling the app because of misunderstanding or lack of knowledge will be reduced. Businesses have already started to enhance their user-interaction through chatbots and we can thank the innovative technology of AI behind it. Even developers offering mobile application development are now insisting on having a chatbot in mobile apps.

Instant apps

Another Android app development trend for 2021 will be instant apps as they will offer user-friendly services to the user. But the main reason why instant apps will be trending in the world of smartphones in 2021 is you don’t need to install these apps on your mobile phone in order to use it.

Some of the best examples of instant apps are BuzzFeed and Onefootball. If a business will use instant apps in place of traditional mobile apps, then quickly increasing the user base will become easier. As a business owner, you will need to push customers for downloading the app and therefore, more people will be able to try the services of your app.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been the hottest topic of debate in the world of technology as it offers many possibilities. But in the past few years, AI has become an important part of even mobile apps. In the year 2021, we will see AI making mobile apps smarter but in addition to this, it will also save effort, time, and money in Android app development as well.

Recently, Google introduced the promising Duplex that will make calls on your behalf for booking appointments with local businesses. The best part of this technology is that the other person interacting with the AI-based call making apps will never be able to differentiate between a human call and an AI-based call. The Google-based Duplex might just be a start in Android app development but soon, you will be overwhelmed by the things mobile apps will do with the help of AI in Android app development.

Wearable app integration

Wearable technology is slowly becoming a new normal for most people and the main reason behind the influx of wearable technology is the ease of use and handling. From wearable watches to wearable sunglasses, soon you will see people wearing wearable gadgets like clothes. But in order to make the wearable technology work, it needs integration with mobile apps like in iPhone app development.

In the year 2021, wearable technology is expected to grow at a much faster pace, and therefore, wearable technology integration with mobile apps during iPhone app development is going to rise. You can take the example of Apple that is coming up with many new wearable technologies and all those technologies have been integrated with wearable apps. This is why if you will be going for iPhone app development, you will need to focus on wearable app integration.

All the above-mentioned mobile app trends are going to affect every industry domain as mobile apps are not industry-specific. By integrating the above-mentioned trends in your iPhone app development or Android app development, you will gain a competitive advantage and offer an innovative and unique experience to your users.