Most Amazing Cakes to Try During New Year 2021

Every New Year is a way of starting a beautiful chapter in life afresh. It is the day that we remember the past year and judges our right and our wrong deeds, weigh them over an emotional balance. We pledge to keep up the right habits and leave behind the bad ones. Store our memories in a corner and make way for new experiences and life lessons. People pledge to take care of their mental health and stay fit while some plan new adventures and trips for the upcoming year. We make resolutions to make our forthcoming year the best one ever with Cakes. New Year is celebrated all across the globe with enthusiasm and love. People come together and exchange gifts and wishes with each other.

Just like any other occasion cakes are an essential part of New Year Celebrations as well. Cakes make a unique for all special events. Just the sight of your favorite cake can light up your mood instantly and make your mouth drip. Every happy occasion calls for something sweet, and a cake efficiently fills that void. Cakes can come in all different themes, shapes, flavors, textures, and sizes.

Let’s discuss a few cakes that can make your New Year’s party a blast.

1. Chocolate

Chocolate cakes are a classic one when it comes to celebrations, especially as a New Year cake. They are most widely liked all across the globe. Apart from its delicious finger-licking taste, chocolates have distinctive health benefits. A few of these benefits are that it helps to reduce the anxiety and stress levels of the person, chocolates are the best memory boosters and can help you in weight reduction. Chocolate has the best of both worlds; it is healthy and delicious all at once. Chocolate can further be paired up with other flavors such as chocolate hazelnut, chocolate almond, and so on so forth.
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2. Red Velvet:

This is a traditional and one of the most royally preferred cakes with its rich red color. The texture on this cake is unlike any other, and it gives the cake a delicious flavor. This cake can light up any celebration at once. The vibrant red color has earned this cake the name Devil’s food and can prove to be a noteworthy option for any fancy party. Apart from New Year, this cake is also a preferred choice for Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

3. Mango Alphonso:

Mango is one of the most celebrated flavors of all. A cake that is lushes with fresh mango flavor can make anyone ask for more. A mango cake filled with mango pulp in its rich cream can make anyone’s heart filled with love and joy. This cake can prove to be an excellent option for your next New Year’s bash.

4. Butter Scotch:

Butterscotch is a super moist cake that is filled with layered with thick butterscotch flavors. What makes this cake so special is the caramel chunks on the top that give it a crunchy flavor. The distinct flavor of brown sugar provides this cake with its rich taste. This is a flavor that is definitely hard to resist.

5. Pineapple:

This is a traditional Taiwanese cake that is filled with the delicious chunks of crunchy pineapple and is layered with thick cream. Taiwan is one of the top exporters of pineapples, and so this cake has its origin from there. This is the safest option to go for as it is among the most liked cakes.

6. Caramel cream cake:

This cake is graced with a burnt sugar caramelized flavor that makes it so special. The cake is best for anyone that cannot bear extensively sweet desserts, the burnt taste gives a dash of sweetness to the cake and doesn’t make it too sweet.

7. Cheesecake:

This is a cake that is filled with soft thick cheese and is based on a crunchy layer of crushed cookies or graham crackers. There are a lot of flavors that can be indulged in the cheese filling of this cake; these can be vanilla, lemon, pumpkin, chocolate, and many more. This dessert dates back to ancient Greek times. One of the Greek physicians named Aegimus has even written a book on these cakes and their preparation.

There are a lot more cakes that can be added to this list such as fruit cakes, truffle cakes, black forest cakes, and so on. Each and every cake is impressive and delightful in its way. Whichever cake you choose, make sure that it is from a well-trusted bakery. If you buy a cake from your local market, you can thoroughly research their services first or maybe do some tasting sessions. On the other hand, if you order cake online, you can go through reviews of the bakery first. Make sure to take into consideration the gathering of your party to make sure everyone loves a plateful of your delightful cake.