Why People Don’t Succeed in Their Lives?

Why People Don’t Succeed in Their Lives?

There are some crystal clear reasons for which people don’t succeed in their lives, but, before we discuss why people don’t succeed in their lives, let’s see what really success is.


It’s really important to understand what is success in your life, because, if you don’t know yourself, nothing can make you happy.


If you don’t know yourself, if you don’t work for the right things, in that case, everything that inspires others, will appeal to you. You would wish to struggle for all those things, even after achieving such goals, you won’t consider yourself successful. Because it was not your success.


To understand success briefly, look at this definition of success by Junaid Raza,


“Success is the achievement of the goals and the dreams that satisfy your inner self.”


That’s true. Success is all about your mental satisfaction. If something can satisfy your inner self, that’s success for you.


Now let’s dig into the topmost reasons why people don’t succeed in their lives.


People don’t work for their self-satisfaction(People Don’t Succeed)


While prioritising topmost reasons, it can be the number one reason. Majority of people even don’t know what they want from their lives. They keep on running for nothing. How can such people succeed? When they don’t have a parameter to measure success?


They are always inspired by temporary influences. For example, if someone is running a successful business, or got a white color job, such people get motivated to follow such successful people.


It becomes a reason for their failure. Because they were not on the right track.


How long can one run on someone else’s track? How long can someone work for the sake of money?

One can only work for money until he/she doesn’t have it. What after that? That’s the important thing to think about.

As people don’t take this question seriously, they just want to find their life goals, but they just want to make money. Such people ultimately regret their decisions.


That’s why I ranked it as the #1 reason for people’s failure.


People don’t take right decisions


It’s another issue that hinders people succeeding. With wrong decisions, you can’t get the right thing.


For example, you had a goal to reach in a city which is 250KM far from your city. You got prepared for the travelling. You have money in pocket for petrol and other expenses, you have a car. But you have to travel to the east but you started travelling to the west.


Would you ever succeed?


You may get curious to know how to make the right decisions?


That’s not really a big deal.


We learn to make right decisions from our own learnings or other’s exposures. So instead of making bad decisions and learning from them, it’s far better to learn from others.


People don’t follow experts


Learning from others mistakes doesn’t mean to learn from those who are continually making mistakes but not succeeding.


If someone has not achieved something in life, he/she can’t teach you the right path to achieve that thing.


That’s why it’s always to follow experts of your fields to succeeding in life.


People don’t do hard work


There is no easy magic formula to succeed in life. It’s always about doing the right things and hard work.


Usually people aren’t hard working. They want to wait for a lottery or a christlike to help them succeed in their lives without any effort.


And that never happens.


People don’t wait for results


Usually impatient people don’t wait for the results, they want to grow quickly, but things take time to get changed.


That’s why those who don’t value the power of patience give up sooner. It’s also a strong reason that people don’t succeed in their lives.