Six Potent Strategies To Boost Traffic To Your Blogs Using Twitter

The Internet has now become a virtual human society. It has its own marketplaces, social hangouts, meeting rooms, forums, classrooms, and more. As the number of active Internet users reaches more than 4 billion in 2020, businesses have gradually realized the untapped potential this virtual society holds. Below the steps for Boost Traffic To Your Blogs Using Twitter.

Social media platforms are the biggest hubs of online activity and are used by millions of Internet users daily. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can reach a massive number of people and are an essential aspect of digital marketing. Known as social media marketing, the process involves using targeted online ads, pop-ups, influencer marketing, and personal messaging to reach out to an audience.

The Internet is a different beast altogether when it comes to e-commerce and marketing. There are so many options out there, and people are spoilt for choices like anything. Your online business website has more than a thousand competitors, and each of them has its tricks & techniques for drawing visitors & driving more & more traffic to their website. This is INBOUND MARKETING.

The Inbound Marketing Methodology involves:

  • Attract strangers using blogs, articles, backlinks, search engine optimization, influencer marketing, etc. and lead them on to your websites;
  • Engage them with offers, call-to-actions, etc. to convert them into prospects & leads;
  • Transform potential leads into customers;

Powerful online social networking tools such as Twitter can be used as effective platforms for attracting and drawing inbound traffic to websites. Whether it’s an e-commerce website, an online academic paper help service, or SEO content, implementing specific Twitter marketing strategies can help accelerate traffic to any website.

Let us take a look at six unique and highly effective strategies that you can use to Boost Traffic To Your Blogs Using Twitter.

1. Use a variety of engaging content

Twitter allows its user to post different kinds of content as tweets, not just text. Try to use images, GIFs and videos for promoting your blog content. Obviously, all promotional tweets must be accompanied by a direct link to the blog. But, be sure to,

  • Make the content, subject, and nature of the tweet as attractive as possible.
  • Be creative and use short but eye-catching tweets to grab the attention of your audience. Craft content that intrigues and draws them in, without giving too much away. Pique their curiosity and get them to click on your links.
  • Add intriguing quotes from your blogs to make things engaging. Say if you are running a paper writing help website, then add some exciting excerpts from the most recent papers you wrote to catch a reader’s eye.
  • Add wit and humor, as everybody likes a good laugh now and then. Integrate them as seamlessly with your CTAs and links as possible.
  • Use images and videos that are in line with your blog content. Stunning visuals &innovative videos have been found to increase engagement and drive more traffic to a linked website.
  • Highlight the USP and the chief engaging idea behind your content. Showcase the specialties and uniqueness of your content to the public through your tweets.
  • Tag relevant followers to increase the reach and weight of your tweets. Tagging infamous people and getting them to retweet your content is liable to draw in loads of inbound traffic.

2. Use the power of #hashtags

Hashtags offer an excellent and effective way to reach your targeted audience. Leveraging its power can boost inbound website traffic significantly.

  • Come up with witty and straightforward hashtags. Please make sure they are relatable to the subject of your blog content.
  • Avoid reusing hashtags no matter how trending they are. Remember, it is better to establish the uniqueness of your content rather than highlighting any generic qualities.
  • Create unique hashtags to build awareness but do not recycle them in future tweets.
  • Connect different blog posts with a hashtag is an excellent way to draw in visitors and acquaint them with a multitude of your blogs.

3. Pin important tweets

Pinned tweets engage more and generate more traffic than unpinned ones. Pin the link of that one-of-a-kind content in a tweet and draw increased amounts of traffic.

  • Pina vital tweet to let visitors see it the moment they visit your profile.
  • Make it an engaging one to increase impressions and engagements.
  • Try to determine an alternative yet attractive title for your blog, an interesting picture or a variety of media to draw attention.
  • Do not forget to add links or compelling call-to-action. Consider the previously mentioned example of an academic paper writing help Pinning tweets that link a new blog written by your paper writers can drive traffic to the content in droves.

4. Be repetitive but innovative

Repeating the same tweets is a terrible practice and annoys your visitors. However, given the volume of activity on the website, it is easy to miss an update. Most people won’t visit your profiles outright. So, you need to recycle and repeat your Twitter updates, but interestingly.

  • Share the same link and URL with different content.
  • Alter text, images, and media in fresh tweets.
  • Rack your brains to find out alternative promotional content for your promotional tweets.
  • You can tweet the same content multiple times but do not share the same stuff more than three times a week.
  • If you have a successful blog that drew loads of visitors, use links to this valuable resource in a fresh tweet to drive traffic.

5. Scope out the best time to share

Given the massive volume of tweets generated each day, it is relatively easy for a single promotional tweet to get lost amidst the crowd. This is where recycling links and repackaging old tweets come into play. Another excellent strategy is posting tweets during peak hours that increase its chances of mass exposure.

  • Figure out the period of time when your audiences are most active on the platform and share the maximum amount of tweets during that period.
  • It is seen that the best time for posting tweets is between 9 am to 5 pm. Peaks occur mainly during noon.
  • Encourage users to share and retweet subtly.
  • If you are targeting visitors from different time zones, then there are some handy third-party software such as Tweroid to help you maximize your reach. The application allows you to track the activity of your followers & even competitors.

6. Repackage the content of your blog

It is all about drawing more traffic to your blog. And, tweets that highlight the quality, unique features, and aspects of the content of your blog in a distinctive fashion are one of the best ways to draw in visitors.

  • Modify and repackage your blogs using images and GIFs to make things catchy.
  • Try to relay the central idea of your blog using repurpose content like emojis, infographics, live videos, etc.

Twitter is genuinely one of the influential digital marketing platforms of today. Utilize and use the six above strategies carefully and get ready for a massive Boost Traffic To Your Blogs Using Twitter with immediate effect.