The Best Candy Is: Mellowcreme Pumpkins, Because This Isn’t Even a Contest

Mellowcreme Pumpkins

No matter what your age, everyone knows that the best part of Halloween is candy, whether you’re trick-or-treating or buying it in bulk “for the office.” as a whole. The Best Candy Is Mellowcreme Pumpkins.

Mellowcreme Pumpkins

Let us first define some terms. a mellowcreme pumpkin is tiny pumpkin-shaped candy corn. What exactly is “mellowcreme “? Ignore it. Pumpkins are made with four artificial food colors, including sugar, corn syrup, “shellac,” gelatin, sesame oil, honey, and my favorite yellow # 5. Look, I’m not saying they’re good for you. I say they are the best.

Mellowcreme starts with the attractive texture of the pumpkin. They have a soft, dense like marzipan-inside with a hard enough outer shell. At the bottom of the list of ingredients is honey but it is like pure honey. What corn syrup can do is really amazing!

Some claim that the Mellowcreme pumpkin is very sweet. I tell these people, drink green juice. Eating candy is is to mainline sugar into your bloodstream as quickly as possible. Mellowcreme pumpkins are drones of sugar supply.

Mellowcreme pumpkins may not impress chocolate lovers, but there are plenty of candies in the world. Leave the Mellowcreme for the rest of us

It is true that they are a little waxy. This is because “shellac” seals all the good stuff and prevents the pumpkins from melting in the bag. The inner-surface to area ratio of Mellowcreme pumpkin is high and the shell between the honeyed sugar bursts is very noticeable.

Mellowcreme pumpkins are the solution for the autumn gift and the last blues of summer. Sometimes I imagine a world where Mellowcreme being available all year round. Along with the gingerbread people are Mellowcreme individuals, Mellowcreme Easter bunnies, and Mellowcreme American flags. But I’m do believe in eating seasonally, P.S. They freeze well.

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