This Gardening Tool Helps You Digs Holes in Seconds

Gardening Tool, if you ask me, can be a fairly intense arm exercise. Sure, if you see all your seed babies coming to life, it’s super rewarding, but digging holes with shovels or garden trowels will really make your muscles burn out. And when the soil is not soft or is filled with debris, it becomes much more complicated.

Gardening Tool

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Fortunately, using your trusty power tool, there’s a simpler, almost mesmerizing way to scoop out all the dirt. The Garden Spiral Hole Drill Planter, this magical new gardening product, is a spiral rod that attaches directly to your drill’s head and delivers freshly drilled holes up to seven inches deep and nearly two inches wide within seconds. It is made of steel to bulldoze through the rockiest soils to grow seeds, grass plugs, small annuals, and so on for an easier and less strenuous operation. Not only does it immediately produce a hole for you, but as the website mentions, it “pulverizes the soil, giving your plants better soil-to-root contact.”

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All of your simple gardening needs can be fulfilled by the nine-inch auger, but you can also buy it in 18 inches if you really need to dig deep or bury anything. And if you dig the Gardening tool (ahem), but are searching for smaller, more uniform holes, check out Hammacher Schlemmer’s Flower Bed Perfect Hole Digging Bit, which does the same job sans the spiral.