Understanding the Role and Functioning of Fashion Influencers

Considering the importance of driving sales and growing the reorganization of a brand, influencer marketing holds a critical significance in the fashion industry. Given that trends keep changing in fashion, successful brands lookout for top fashion influencers to collaborate with. The prime role of these influencers is to shape the perspective of the respective target audience, pushing in fresh ideas of dressing styles. The functioning of Fashion Influencers also has the potential of creating a craze about a particular product, leveraging the sales of the brand he or she collaborates with.

Presently, 78% of the global fashion brands are collaborating with influencers in some way or the other. With competition rising in the fashion industry, they are on the lookout for people who can make a difference in the perspective and buying habits of the respective target groups.

What roles do fashion influencers play while working with brands?

Have a look at the prime roles that fashion influencers play, when they work in close association with brands.

  • Increasing brand awareness: This is the most basic and common goal for fashion influences. Most of these influencers are into blogging. They have a large audience on social media, particularly Facebook and YouTube. Now, when they post their images or content, promoting certain fashion products or accessories, these products are likely to become instant hits. People love imitating the lifestyles of their favorite fashion influencers. Therefore, they tend to buy the products or accessories that are promoted by the influencers. In the process, the company manufacturing these products is benefitted.
  • Greater ROI: No business can possibly ignore the ROI on their investment. Now, with the world digitizing, consumers have a lot of sources to get information about products. Therefore, brands need to be tactical regarding where they invest in advertising. Traditionally, print and electronic media were popular for advertising. Now, digital media has taken this position, and there are different channels of advertising within this digital media. While investing in digital marketing or social media campaigns is costly, influencer marketing can deliver a better ROI on the same investment. This explains why fashion brands lookout for top fashion influencers to collaborate with. A statistic reveals that influencers can generate 11 times the ROI that comes from banner ads.
  • Establishing the brand voice: At times, fashion brands partner influencers to convey their voices to the respective target groups. In these situations, the influencers have a greater role to play. They reach out to their target groups with the marketing messages of the brands they are working with. Apart from influencing the customers, influences also shoulder the responsibility of shaping their ideologies and purchasing decisions. This is a much more comprehensive approach to marketing. With the right influencer or blogger, even startups can taste success.
  • Carrying out highly targeted campaigns: Given that the target audience may be distributed over a large demographic area, influencer marketing in fashion enables the band to carry out targeted campaigns. They simply need to choose the right influencer, while executing these campaigns. For instance, some influencers are popular among particular cultures or sections of people. Brands lookout for top fashion influencers to promote their campaigns in the local language. Influencer marketing enables brands to target people with greater purchase intent. Besides, they can generate highly targeted traffic.
  • Establishing trust: From the perspective of an influencer, it is difficult to gain followers. This makes them committed to the campaigns they carry out for brands. Therefore, collaborating with the leading influencers in the fashion industry brings a pre-established trust to the brands. Compared to traditional advertisement channels, brands have a greater advantage in this case, given that genuine influencers are committed to the companies they work with. Besides, they have a loyal customer base, whom the brand can tap.

Making the reach scalable: How to go about it?

The size of the audience inspires an influencer to design their marketing strategies and scale the brand reach up and down. This largely depends on the marketing mechanism opted for by the brand. Besides, their budget also decides this aspect to a significant extent. In case you are collaborating with a micro-influencer, the audience reached would be small in number. In case you are looking for a larger group of audience, you need to work with an influencer with a larger follower base. Eventually, celebrities happen to have the largest impact on their followers.

While brands lookout for top fashion influencers, it is important to consider the niche they specialize in. Besides, choosing an influencer should be a skeptical process, as chances of scams cannot be ruled out. In a nutshell, collaborating with fashion influencers would be a highly logical move for successful brands. This trend is likely to further soar in the coming years.

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