Webinar Winning Strategy: 5 Automated Webinar Hosting Tips

Automated webinars are a great way to generate leads, get new clients, and increase sales. Besides, you don’t have to be present for the event, which means that you can work on other projects while it happens.

However, these webinars are only successful if they are hosted well. Automated webinar hosting takes some time and preparation to set it up correctly.

If you’re new to hosting a pre-recorded webinar, take this blog post as your guide for success. Let’s dive deeper into some automated webinar hosting tips to make sure your audience will stay hooked.

Why Should You Use Automated Webinars?

You have two alternatives when planning a presentation. It’s either go live webinar or record it and replay afterward.

An automated webinar is a pre-recorded event that runs without the presence of a host. They’re offered the same way as traditional ones, giving attendees the appearance and feel of a live event. But, with the exception that they’re watching a pre-recorded video rather than a live stream.

Using automated webinars is efficient in generating leads and sales. Moreover, it allows you to track your progress easily.

These days, the majority of live webinars are recorded and used whenever the need arises. Attendees can choose a convenient time rather than having to conform to the schedule of a live host.

5 Tips for Hosting Automated Webinars

In order to host a successful webinar, it is important to have the right mindset. Let’s go over 5 tips that you can use when hosting webinars to make sure you’ll reap the benefits.

Choose the most suitable automated webinar platform

There are lots of webinar platforms out there. But, not all of them have the essential elements to attract the audience’s attention in today’s competitive market. Choose one platform that has all of the features you need. Of course, a few of these features should have been the ability to record your webinar.

Several webinar hosts want to know which is best for their webinar, whether Android or Mac. The host’s experience is enhanced by the ability to share your screen. Besides, it can invite other webinar attendees and produce high-quality content.

You can explore if the platform you select has the registration page builders. Consider an analytics dashboard to understand the attendance of your webinars.

Pay attention to necessary equipment

The most crucial aspect of any webinar is probably the audio and video quality. Poor audio quality is distracting your pre-recorded webinars. So, keep the following suggestions to ensure that everything runs smoothly:

  • To record a new webinar, find a quiet or, better yet, soundproof room.
  • Don’t rely on your laptop or desktop’s built-in microphones. Make use of the right microphone to ensure that audio quality is much clearer. This is to keep attendees engaged rather than distracted.
  • If video conferencing necessitates, select a good quality web camera.

Structure your webinar to ensure consistent participation

After you’ve chosen one of the best-automated webinar platforms, you’ll need to have a plan. Keep in mind that you’ll be generating an automated, pre-recorded recording.

Here’s how to prepare yourself and what you need to know before recording.

  • Start planning early, so deadlines don’t stress anyone out. Think about the timing of the webinar schedule. Tight timelines need clear communication between all potential customers.
  • Offer something valuable for free as a lead magnet on a landing page before the event starts.
  • Do you intend to include sales and marketing in your strategy? For your preparation, a webinar script is ideal.
  • Make sure your slides are readable. Don’t use too many words or complicated sentences.
  • Use video or images during your presentation to keep things interesting instead of just text-based slides. Use webinar features to answer questions such as surveys, polls, and even ask for feedback.
  • Create a clear call to action for the viewer at the end of your presentation.

Simplicity is better

The simpler you create a webinar, the easier it will be for people viewing or hosting it from your company. Simplicity ensures that there are more interesting facts and stories to tell.

Furthermore, improve your speaking style. In this way, you’ll be able to keep people interested in what you’re saying and the webinar topic. The more repetitive your voice is, the less interested your audience will become.


You’ve taken the time to create a strategy, plan your event, and get your automated webinar software set up. Now what? What are you aiming for with this content? The answer is simple: a successful event!

Don’t underestimate the importance of rehearsing several times before going live. Perfection comes with practice. If it’s your first webinar, practicing will help you build more speaker confidence.

Kick-off Your First Automated Webinar!

Filming it isn’t easy to work, even with all your preparations. However, you will be rewarded if you put in enough time and work into your webinar video.

Begin recording your webinar and keep it as straightforward as possible yet appealing. You’ll be one step closer to generating high-quality leads once that happens.