What is Alexandria’s Genesis? Purple Eyes-Symptoms and Side Effects

If you never heard about the genesis of Alexandria, maybe you question, “What is the genesis of Alexandria?” And just what is Purple Eyes Disease?

The Genesis of Alexandria, or purple eye disease, is covered with much mysticism and untruth, with little evidence of those who know it or look at it.

The majority of people dismiss purple eye sickness as a hoax spread by the internet. However, Genesis in Alexandria is more common with people who feel they are suffering from purple eye illness.

We’ll learn what Alexandria’s Genesis is, as well as its side effects and symptoms, in this post. We’ll discover what it causes and whether the lilac illness is real on the internet or just another hoax.

purple eyes

Alexandria’s Genesis

According to popular opinion, Genesis of Alexandria is an IT myth about people whose eyes are purple as young or born with purple eye disease.

Believers in Alexandria genesis not only believe it exists, but also that persons who have purple eyes disease are blessed with enhanced genetic talents.

People suffering from purple eye illness can be traced back to 2005. However, some studies indicate that it may be traced back over 1000 years to Egypt.

Another argues that in 1329 England was the country, however, there is no evidence to support these claims. Many eye problems, such as iridis and irides of the eye, can affect the color of a person’s eyes before birth.

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Alexandria’s Genesis Causes

Two contradicting legends of the genesis of Alexandria are present, as mentioned above. None of them are more plausible than others because they are not supported by historical and scientific data.

An old fable from Egypt tells one of those stories. On one of these Egyptian nights, people see a light in the sky, and those who are exposed to it have purple eyes and pale skin.

This group of people, known as the Spirit People, is said to be the first victims of Alexandria genesis. They later left Egypt and settled in Europe.

In 1329 a kid named Alexandria was born with a blue eye in England and became purple, according to another previous tradition. Something that was so unusual at that time could only signify one thing: a witch was labeled and a priest was summoned.

The priest, on the other hand, describes the experience as a blessing and the child as unique. Alexandria bore two boys years later, both of them, as one could guess, contract violet eyes disease. Alexandria’s Genesis was born as a result of this.

What are the Side Effects of Alexandria’s Genesis?

Symptoms of Alexandria’s Genesis causes of Alexandria’s Genesis, and most of the arguments for Alexandria’s Genesis’ existence are mostly hypothetical and without scientific backing.

What are the side effects of Alexandria’s Genesis if the presence of this purple eye ailment and people with purple eyes ailments appears uncertain and debatable?

Because never reported cases, there have been no adverse effects of purple eyes disease to report or record.

All the symptoms listed are things people thought about or suspected of over the years of people with Alexandria’s Genesis.

These symptoms and indicators can also be called unfavorable repercussions of the formation of Alexandria. The reason for this is that these symptoms are extremely uncommon, and nearly all of them are scientifically impossible to be caused by a single genetic mutation.

Common Symptoms of Alexandria’s Genesis

The genesis of Alexandria is an inherited illness that affects children and newborns. It causes the person’s eyes to change color from blue or grey to pink due to a genetic abnormality.

The color darkens and turns purple as they develop and hit adolescence. Purple eye illness patients’ vision is claimed to be unaffected by this change in eye color.

Here are certain features or symptoms of purple eye disease, as well as purple eyes disease.

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#1. Immunity From Burns or Tans

You’ve read it right. That’s right. That’s right. Alexandria’s Genesis formula protects from sunburns and tans.

Aside from the hair on their eyelashes, brows, head, and nose, people with purple eyes have no hair on their bodies. This means there is no hair on the pubic area, arms, or legs.

#2. Pro-weight Loss

People with the mutation are said to be immune to a variety of weight gain disorders due to their rapid metabolism, which is one of the disease’s reported symptoms.

In other words, they do not acquire weight regardless of how much they consume and they make little waste, unlike the usual human.

#3. Near Immortality

The potential of suffering to live longer than the life expectancy rate is another characteristic of Alexandria’s Genesis.

This is because, after they reach the age of 50, they stop aging and begin to appear considerably younger than their actual age! They may live to reach 150 years old, according to reports and guesses.

#4. Fertility

Another Alexandria Genesis symptom concerns only women. Purple eye sickness is claimed to prevent women from menstruating.

Women with purple eyes ailments, on the other hand, stay fertile despite missing their period, which is startling and contradicting.

#5. Pale Skin and Perfect Shaped Bodies

This gene mutation does not appear to disfigure but rather increases both internal and outward traits.

The signs of Alexandria’s Genesis now include pale skin. Furthermore, victims are supposed to have bodies that are ideally proportioned.

The Verdict: TruthOr Mythical Internet Stories

There isn’t a single scientific backing or report suggesting this Purple Eyes Disease is genuine or exists, despite all of Alexandria’s Genesis symptoms, Alexandria’s Genesis causes, and all of the other reasons for it.

So, to put it plainly, it is not a medical condition. It’s difficult not to dismiss this ailment as a myth or a scam.

To begin with, no human skin is impervious to burns. Although melanin can protect the skin from the sun, it also darkens the skin.

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The most current record for the oldest person is 122 years old. As a result, the claim that persons with purple eyes illnesses can live to be 150 years old is false.

It is thought to be extremely rare, if not impossible, for human eyes to turn purple. But if this happens, purple eyes are considered to be potentially harmful to the vision.

Some disorders can change the color of a person’s eyes, but once the illness has passed or the individual has been cured, the color returns to normal.

Despite being recognized as having distinctive purple eyes, the actress Elizabeth Taylor has nothing to do with purple eye disease.

However, there are some disorders and situations that can cause a person’s eyes to change hue. The following are some conditions that can cause your eye color to change:

  • Heterochromia
  • Fuchs uveitis syndrome
  • Pigmentary glaucoma
  • Medications like the one for glaucoma
  • Iris of a newborn changing after birth
  • Horner syndrome
  • Tumor of the iris

Because purple eyes sickness is not a medical ailment, it does not exist and has never affected any known living person or persons.

The symptoms and side consequences of this disease are not only doubtful and unlikely but, according to science, no mutation can all occur.


The difference between myths and false news these days is becoming increasingly difficult to tell. Therefore, similar stories are rigorously examined, such as the Genesis illness of Alexandria.

Although there are various disorders and disorders that can change a person’s eye color, none have been linked to increased physical skills.

Artificial lenses, on the other hand, are a terrific place to start if you want to change the color of your eyes to purple.