What is the best sealant for a wood deck?

Wood is timeless in its beauty and charm, which makes it ideal for outdoor decor. Having a wooden deck makes the living space more aesthetically appealing, which helps increase the value of the home. To make the floor even more charming, you need to finish the wood with a sealant.

Preserving and protecting the wood is a pursuit worth your efforts. However, you might fail to do so if there is a lack of information. This blog will give you the necessary knowledge to understand more about deck sealers. This exercise will prepare you in a way that ensures your outdoor decor glistens.

What Is Wood Sealant?

The right wood sealant can do wonders for the finish of the wood. After all, it protects the wood from damage that moisture can cause. It is a chemical composition that penetrates the timber and forms a clear or transparent finish on top.

Using it is beneficial because it enhances longevity and beauty by becoming a barrier against moisture. However, don’t expect the sealant to protect the wood from sun damage. UV rays tend to harm the deck in the form of graying or fading.

While wood with an active coat of sealant will effectively repel moisture, it will begin to show signs of sun damage and grayness after a while. This change tends to happen three to six months after the use of a sealer. Moreover, the chemical composition usually needs to be reapplied annually

A wood sealant is perfect to use if you have no desire to adjust the tone of the wood. If you use it, it will retain the original shade effortlessly. This solution is a better alternative than wood stains, which add pigment to the top of the wood.

The Best Wood Sealant In The Market

The market is rife with choices when it comes to buying a sealant for your wooden deck. However, if you do your research, you will be able to find the best one to fulfill your needs. If you are looking for the best sealant, there are only a few brands in the market that you can trust.

Ready Seal is one of those brands whose sealants are of top quality. It is easy to apply yourself and leaves the deck with a gorgeous afterglow. You don’t even have to dilute it as it is ready for direct application when you buy it. The company has gone the extra mile to make this product outstanding.

How Do You Seal Wood?

Before you set out to seal your wood, you need to prepare it thoroughly. This process entails a complete cleaning of the deck,removing debris, grime, and mildew.

You must also avoid applying the sealant in the middle of a sunny day because sunlight will cause the finish to dry too quickly. If your deck is brand new, you have to give it a few weeks before it can absorb the sealer.

After applying the sealant, the deck needs to be left untouched for some while to let it dry. If you take this step seriously, the sealer will be more fully absorbed. Follow these steps to apply the sealant professionally:

  1. Check the weather forecast: You need to ensure that you have two days of dry weather. Ideally, the temperature should fall between 50 °F and 90 °F. Ensuring so will ensure that the seal application is superb.
  2. Clean and clear the dock thoroughly: Remove all the debris and dust from the deck. This step ensures that you are ready to start the process.
  3. If required, sand the deck: Sometimes, it is better to sand the deck so that the sealant can penetrate the wood. Don’t forget to wear a safety mask while doing this step because sawdust can be problematic to inhale.
  4. Remove debris after sanding: You must remove any traces of debris that are present on the deck after sanding.
  5. Stir the deck sealant: While you certainly need to stir the sealant, you don’t need to shake it. Refrain from being too excitable as shaking it will cause the formation of air bubbles.
  6. Apply sealer as evenly as possible: Use either a brush, sprayer or paint roller to apply a thin coat over the boards. Multiple thin applications tend to fare better than one thick coat.
  7. Apply the sealer in all areas: Some spots like stairs, cracks, and railings are a little challenging for the sealant’s application. Therefore, take your sweet time with it.
  8. Allow the sealant to dry: Once the deck is comprehensively dry, you will be able to use it to its fullest capability.

Final Verdict

The wood deck is an extension of your home, which deserves to be beautiful. Using a wood sealant is advisable as it will give moisture protection to the deck. In other words, if properly treated with a sealant, the wood will not have any fungal growth and will have higher longevity.