What Is Turmeric, Anyway?

What is Turmeric, what is it, and how do you cook with it? Let’s break it down.
Turmeric is like ginger’s cousin, a rhizome – it is more or less a root. It is native to Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent and is often found in those regions’ cuisine, but it grows in regions with plenty of rainfall when it rains a lot. It is earthy and bitter, mostly musky with a bit of pepper spice in terms of taste. Deep and impeccable taste in most curry powders? Yes: it is Turmeric.The flavor that Turmeric offers is huge, but its color is pretty amazing. Put one or two spoons of Turmeric to make a vibrant looking soup, a pot of rice or spices in the bright shade of yellow-orange shade. It is often added to things like mustard made as a natural food dye. (the same French classic Yellow mustard) Be noted that this thing stains like crazy.

What Is Turmeric



Turmeric leaves all the Tupperware with a golden glow and does the same on your fingers if you get your hands into it. Are you currently standing in the kitchen, wearing a white shirt, and ready to make a little curry? A costume change would be better.
Turmeric is usually sold in powdered and dried form, usually with the rest of the grocery store segment’s spices. It is easy to mix in marinades or spice rubs or used as a base for soups or dishes with aromatics such as onions and garlic. Because it is so bitter, you usually want to balance it with other great flavors and textures – think of sharp and spicy curries that are high in ghee, butter, coconut oil, coconut oil, or other fats.
You can sometimes find fresh Turmeric, which looks like ginger mini knobs. Fresh Turmeric is still quite bitter, but has a brighter. fresher flavor than dried Turmeric, and is a little bit sour-ish. You can treat it the same way you would treat fresh ginger: peel it off and then chop, mince, or grate it as you want. Fresh Turmeric is less potent than dry ingredients, so if you use it fresh in a dry recipe, you will need to use four times as much.
So, yes, that’s what Turmeric is. Why is it now everywhere from lattes to tonics to baked goods? In addition to the use of fragrance and color, its anti-inflammatory properties are also regarded as Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It is outside the basic limit. So, enjoy the lovely spicy yellow meal.

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