You Can now Walk on Water with the Zorb Water Ball

Ever wonder what running around in a hamster ball is actually like? Now is the opportunity for you to find out! Basically, the Zorb water ball is a human-sized hamster ball, and this water variant helps you to get into the pool.

Zorb Water Ball

However, Zorb Water Ball this ball is not made of hard plastic, unlike a true hamster ball, but with a sturdy PVC, making it ideal for bouncing on the water. There is a waterproof zipper on the inflatable sphere through which you crawl inside and wait as someone fills it with air on the outside. Zip it up then, and off you go!

The modern Zorb Water Ball was invented in New Zealand by Andrew Akers and Dwane van der Sluis of Ogo. Originally, they had developed inflatable shoes for walking on water but discovered that the shoes would sit resolutely floating on the surface as people fell over, and then people could not get upright again.

It became incredibly popular when they moved to the land version, and now it is everywhere, at music festivals, outdoor activities, you name it! In 1998, the Zorb ball concept was adopted by Charles Blane Jones, and a variant for walking on water was invented.

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