You have not yet thought of 13 Roleplay ideas Plots

Many authors recognize that having multiple characters and universes to deal with roleplay ideas is fantastic, but what good are they if they aren’t used? Many individuals utilize roleplaying as a fun method to interact with characters, whether they’re their own creations or characters from a fandom. For many individuals, it was a pleasurable vacation, but what happens when you run out of things to do? It’s a bad situation to be in. So here are a few other role-playing plot ideas for you to consider.

roleplay ideas

1.Guardian Angel

Person A has experienced numerous near-death experiences throughout his or her life. They’re supposed to be dead, but something seems to keep them alive. Person B, their guardian angel, is the next to appear.

2.Vampire Prince

The Prince of the Vampires is Person A. They are the rulers of the realm and sit on the throne, albeit cautiously. Every year, The Vampire Royalty receives a sacrifice from a neighboring town. Person B is transported to the castle and kidnapped.

From here, you can go any way you want! Person A can turn B into a vampire, mercy and return it to the city or even keep Person B as a pet or anything like that. Person A has the capacity. This one is quite open-ended, so have fun!

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3.Mental Hospital Patient/ Doctor

Person A is a patient at a mental institution who might be there for whatever reason you like. So far, no one has been able to make headway with Person A. That is, until the arrival of Person B.

If you enjoy delving into the lives of characters and their relationships with others, this is the book for you.

4.Western Universe

When roleplay ideas Person A meets Person B on the terrain, they drive on the ranch’s outskirts. People B were shot and would bleed to death if they were not helped straight away.

I just opened this one too. Is Person A willing to take a chance and assist Person B? What would it cost them if they go ahead and do it?

5.Werewolf Universe

I’m not sure what I’m going to say for this one. It’s an oldie but a goodie, in my opinion. There are other options, similar to the Vampire one. Is it possible that they’re both werewolves? Is one person human? Is it possible that one of them will be converted and the other will have to live with it? Is a conflict between two werewolf packs taking place? This one has so many roleplay ideas possibilities that you should simply go for it.

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6.Zombie Apocalypse

Person A and his friends and associates are lost and defenseless after losing all of their supplies. That is until they come across Person B’s entourage. What is the reaction of Person B? Do they welcome Person A with open arms, or are they apprehensive and hostile?

7.Reverse! Verse

This one is primarily for roleplaying games based on fandoms. Reverse the roles of the leading characters. See where you can take them by making them the polar opposite of who or what they are.

8.Ghost and Haunted

Person A moved to a new apartment recently. The first several nights’ quietness. (Apartment, mansion, beautiful city house, whatever you want.) Then people meet Person B, and stuff begins to go strange. Person B lived at the house once in a while. They had been roleplay ideas somehow killed and became a household spirit.

9.Memory loss

Person A and Person B have been friends for quite some time. Person A is involved in a car accident, which causes them to suffer from head trauma and cause them to forget about Person B, as well as all they’ve ever known. Person B is responsible for helping them recall and, if they don’t, figuring out roleplay ideas in their lives.

10.Body Swap

This, I believe, is quite self-explanatory. For a set period of time, Person A and Person B swap bodies. As they strive to act like each other and figure things out, chaos follows.


(As in the movie, “Purge”)

The Purge is between the person’s A and B. They find themselves stranded together, fighting off assailants who want to kill them.

This one is also very open. Enjoy the identity, status, and other features of your characters.

12.Mind Reading for a day

Person A is awakened to read people’s minds. What if you read the thoughts of your best partner, Person B?

This may be an enjoyable location to add one of these! Person B might hold secrets that person A didn’t want to know about.

13.Treasure Hunter Universe

Person A is a respected seeker of treasures. They spent roleplay ideas years looking for the most amazing treasure of their life to grab Person B, a treasure-thief, at the last minute.